Waterproof Motorcycle Cover UV Protector


Protect your motorcycle from the rain, dust, sun, snow, bird poop, etc. using this motorcycle cover
It has a water repellent fabric that keeps your motorcycle from getting wet, it has secure closure as well
Two lock holes where you can insert chain lock, the elastic cord on the bottom keeps the cover secure
Material Type: Higher Quality 190T Polyester Taffeta
Size Variants

M Size: 200 x 90 x 100cm or 78.74 x 35.43 x 39.37 inch
L Size: 220 x 95 x 110cm or 86.61 x 37.4 x 43.31 inch
XL Size: 245 x 105 x 125cm or 96.46 x 41.34 x 49.21 inch
XXL Size: 265 x 105 x 125cm or 104.33 x 41.34 x 49.21 inch
XXXL Size: 295 x 110 x 140cm or 116.14 x 43.31 x 55.12 inch

Package Content:

1 x Waterproof Motorcycle Cover UV Protector

Waterproof Motorcycle Cover UV Protector
Waterproof Motorcycle Cover UV Protector $39.99$44.99

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Waterproof Motorcycle Cover UV Protector
Unlike cars, motorcycles are more open to their surroundings. So, they are more prone to getting wet and having dust. Although it might not look like a serious problem for your motorcycle, it might actually cause problems in the long run. That is why you should take care of it just as much as cars. Now, considering that motorcycles are always out in the open, then you need something to protect it with. So, use this waterproof motorcycle cover to protect it. Consequently, if you ride your motorcycle every day to work or somewhere else, make sure to use this cover to protect it. So, in case it starts raining, your motorcycle stays dry and fine. Now, you won’t have to sit on a wet motorcycle when it is time for you to leave. Get one for yours now and protect it well.
Water Repellent Fabric
This cover uses a water repellent fabric that can protect your motorcycle from the rain. Not only that, this cover that effectively keeps it from dust and dirt as well. More so, this is helpful in covering your motorcycle from bird poop, UV rays from sunlight, snow, and many more. Now, if you are planning in parking your motorbike for some time then it is best that you use this. This is one way for you to take good care of your motorcycle so it can be in good condition for a long time. More so, using this cover will also benefit you in the long run.
Secure Cover
Aside from covering your motorbike well, this cover is also secure. It has a back bandage that keeps the cover from being blown off by the wind. Also, it has two lock holes so you can attach a chain lock even with the cover on.