Whistling Kettle Kitchen Tool


This Whistling Kettle is ideal for heating coffee, tea, hot water and more; Easy to use
It whistles once it is ready to remind you; Durable and evenly distributes the heat
Has a comfortable handle; It can be heated through multiple heat sources
Material: Ceramics, Enamel
Handle Length: 17.5 cm
Size: 24.5 x 18.5 x 13 cm
Capacity: 2.5L
Package Contents:

1 x Whistling Kettle

100 in stock

Whistling Kettle Kitchen Tool
Whistling Kettle Kitchen Tool $49.00

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Whistling Kettle Kitchen Tool
With this Whistling Kettle Kitchen Tool, you can heat water or any beverage faster! It can save you time and it is perfect for home use as well! Nowadays, there are many devices that you can use to heat water quickly. However, the main advantage that you can get from a stovetop kettle is that it can boil the flavors of the tea or coffee slowly to it will be more flavorful. Also, it makes a whistling sound once it is ready so it can alarm or remind you that you can turn off the heat already.
Multiple Heat Sources
The good thing about this kettle is that there are many ways you can heat it. You can use direct heat from a gas stove, an infrared furnace, a ceramic furnace or you can even use electric furnaces. However, please note that this kettle is not microwave-safe. Also, it has a ceramic handle that is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t get hot easily. This way, it is safer for you to hold it because it cools fast unlike metal materials. It has a two-liter capacity which is really ideal so you don’t have to keep reheating multiple batches.
Wide  Base
One of the best and unique things about it is that it has a large flat base. This way, it will sit well on top of the stove. You don’t have to worry about it sliding off or falling. Also, the advantage of having a wide base is that it can heat quickly since it can access the heat quickly. This will also allow the heat to be distributed more evenly. The spout of the kettle is thin and narrow so you can avoid spillage of the liquid. It will make it easier for you to transfer the beverage from the pot and into a cup or other container.