Wireless Charging Receiver Suction


Allows charging and using the phone simultaneously without damaging the batteries
Easy to attach and to use, with protection from overcharging and overheating
Built-in magnetic shield for a stronger signal and charging speed
Materials: Frosted aluminum alloy
Size: 57 x 57 x 4.5 mm / Input and Output: Output: 5V, 2A / Power Source: A.C. Source
Package List:

1 x Wireless Charging Receiver Suction

Wireless Charging Receiver Suction
Wireless Charging Receiver Suction $29.17

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Wireless Charging Receiver Suction
Playing mobile games while charging your phone without damaging the batteries are now made possible with the Wireless Charging Receiver Suction device. You can have a comfortable hold to your phone without any cable getting on the way. You must consider getting this one if you are using a wireless charger for your phone.
Safe and Reliable
You do not have to worry about damaging your batteries as you use it for playing while charging utilizing this device. Equipped with guaranteed protection that your batteries and your phone are safe from overheating while in use. It is a must-have for all gamers out there who do not want to get interrupted in the middle of a fun and exciting gameplay.
Convenient to Use
You can now remove your phone anytime you want while it is connected in your wireless charger. Very comfortable once attached to your phone and connected to the charger. Once assigned, the charging function continues while you have the convenience to pick up and use your phone anytime you like. And you can even use this even if you have a phone cover case on your phone as long as the fact is only less than 8 mm thick.
Easy Compatibility Setup
Very easy to use, attach, and you are good to go. The Wireless Charging Receiver Suction has a spider sucking pad which you need to connect one to your phone and the other one to the wireless charger. The pad has nine heavy silicone suckers at the back which strongly attach to the end of your phone. No worries about it going loose while in use. And you can use this to almost all latest phone models with Qi function. This device is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Mi, and Lenovo smartphones.