Wireless DMX 512 Lighting Controller with 2.4G Transmitter & Receiver


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Wireless DMX 512 Lighting Controller with 2.4G Transmitter & Receiver $68.78

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The LCD wireless receiver/transmitter‌ simplifies your setup by eliminating unnecessary wires and alleviating limitations brought about by wire length. An asset during⁢ party preparations, it ⁣enhances coordination and efficiency.


The DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter transmits standard DMX512 protocol data wirelessly. This resolves lighting ⁢control​ issues that arise from wireless transmitting between ‌the‍ console and lighting, among lights and so on. The effects of cable limitations are completely eliminated. ​Real-time,⁤ reliable signal data is ensured with no time delays.

The device possesses 126 ⁢self-moving⁢ channels that‍ jump ‍frequency to select non-interfering frequency sections,‌ ensuring reliable communication.

User‌ customization is also considered, with 16 groups of ID coding available for setting. Users can ⁢develop 16⁤ individual wireless networks without interference in the same environment.

It ‍additionally offers a 4-grade power rate output.


Product model: DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter

Effective ⁣Range: 400M (visible distance)

Max. Emit Power: 20dBm

Receive Sensitivity: -94dBm

DMX Connector: 3pin male-female sockets

Frequency: 2.4G⁢ ISM 126 channels

ID coding: 16 groups

Display: ​2 * 8 bit ‍LCD

Input voltage: 9-12V‍ DC 300mA MIN

Plug standard: Optional; EU ⁢plug, US plug, UK, AU plug

Material: Aluminum

Item size: 14.7 * 7 * 4cm/5.78 * 2.75 * 1.57in (L * W * H)

Item weight: 262g/9.26oz

Package size: ‌15 * 15 * 5cm/5.9 * 5.9⁢ * 1.96in (L ⁢* W * H)

Package weight: 401g/14.17oz

Package includes

1 * LCD DMX 512 Wireless Transmitter⁢ Receiver

1 * Adapter

1 ‍* User Manual (English)