Wireless G-MARK Lavalier Microphone for DSLR, ASMR, Interviews, and Live Recording


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G-MARK GV002 Camera Microphone Wireless Lavalier Mic For Asmr DSLR Interview Live Recording Lithium Battery 50m Range
Wireless G-MARK Lavalier Microphone for DSLR, ASMR, Interviews, and Live Recording $44.99

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Product Details:

This compact ‌device offers unlimited‍ UHF ​worldwide frequency band transmission, allowing ​for easy portability. The device is compatible with ⁣computers, ⁤digital‌ or SLR cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, ​tablets, and smartphones. It⁣ features a built-in⁣ electret microphone and also supports an external lavalier microphone.

For added convenience, this⁢ product has a back clip which can be directly attached to the camera’s hot shoe. It automatically connects when powered on. If the transmitter or receiver are not connected, the device automatically‌ powers off within two ‌minutes.


  • Brand Model: G-mark GV002
  • Transmission Frequency Band: ⁤UHF
  • Transmission Type:‍ Automatic Frequency
  • Transmit Power: ⁢10dBm
  • Receiving ​Sensitivity: -86dBm
  • Antenna‌ Mode: External Antenna
  • Microphone Pickup Method: Cardioid
  • Power‍ Supply: Built-in lithium battery, ⁢charged‌ via ⁣standard USB 5V with TYPE-C interface
  • Audio Frequency Response: 100Hz ~​ 20KHz +3dB
  • Battery Life: 5 hours
  • Dynamic Range: 90dB (Electrical Performance)
  • Output Interface: 3.5mm TRS
  • Signal to Noise ‍Ratio: ‍97dB (A Weighted)
  • Working Temperature: -5°C~+50°C
  • Maximum Input Sound Pressure: 97dB SPL
  • Dimensions:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Turn the‌ switch to the right. The ⁤device⁣ pairs successfully​ when the indicator light switches on.
  2. Hold the transmitter or clip it on the user’s collar, or connect a‍ lavalier⁤ microphone.
  3. Insert the ​receiver⁤ into ​the⁣ camera’s hot‌ shoe bayonet to‍ secure before installing on the camera or ⁢mobile⁤ phone.
  4. If utilizing a lavalier microphone,​ connect one end⁤ of the 3.5MM output cable⁤ to the receiver’s ‍output, and the other end of the 3.5MM output cable to the camera or phone’s audio input.

The ​package ‌includes:

  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Receiver
  • 1 Lavalier Microphone
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Windproof Wool Cover
  • 1 Dual-Head 3.5 Adapter
  • 1 3.5mm Camera Extension Cable