Wowstick 1P+ 19 In 1 Cordless Electric Screw Driver Power Repair Tools


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Wowstick 1P+ 19 In 1 Electric Screw Driver Cordless Power Screwdriver Repair Tools
Wowstick 1P+ 19 In 1 Cordless Electric Screw Driver Power Repair Tools $24.99

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Immerse yourself in cutting-edge repair technology with the astounding Wowstick 1P+ Model. This handy gadget transforms electronic repair, giving you the comfort and control of writing with a pen. Its exquisite slim profile, combined with an S2 Aluminum Alloy body, instantly stands out. Plus, enjoy untethered mobility as this gadget runs off built-in 2xAAA batteries, offering an impressive 8 hours of continuous usage. Robust and reliable, it utilizes dual torque at 0.12/3N.m, complete with auto self-locking ratchet wheel orientation.

Dive into the following specifics for an insider’s look at this extraordinary tool:

Brand: Wowstick

Model: 1P+

Material: S2 Aluminum Alloy

Input Voltage: DC 3V

Battery Type: Dry Cell

Battery Capacity: 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries

Speed: 150r/min

Working Mode: Dual Torque 0.12/3N.m

Weight: 240g

Color: Silver

Package Box: White

18PCS Screwdriver Bit Size: PH000/ PH0/ PH2, SL1.0/ SL2.0/ SL3.0, T5/ T6/ T8, P2/ P5/ P6, H2.5/ H3, SQ0/ 3.0/ Y2.5/ U3.0, Screwdriver(4x28mm)

Here’s what makes the Wowstick 1P+ a remarkable partner for repair enthusiasts:

• Specially designed for daily repair tasks with ultra-precision flexible circuit design ensuring extended lifespan.
• Equipped with 18 screw bits, allowing you to handle a variety of tasks with precision.
• The slim S2 Aluminum Alloy body with a pen-style design ensures a memorable user experience.
• Housing 2 x AAA dry cell batteries, offering a considerable 8 hours of continuous operation.
• Features both automatic and manual operation modes for increased efficiency.
• Functions include screwing, drilling, and threading—all tailored to meet diverse operation demands.
• Each unit comes with a magnetic board, ensuring no lost screws from the repair items.

Let’s see what’s included in the delivery box:

1 x Wowstick 1P+ Electric Screwdriver (battery is not included)
1 x White Package Box
1 x Package Cloth Bag
18 x Standard Screwdriver Bits

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Check out these vibrant images of the Wowstick 1P+ Electric Screwdriver in action: