Xiaodong X2 19-in-1 Mini Intelligent Cordless LED Electric Screwdriver Set for Precision Repairs


XIAODONG X2 19 in 1 Mini Intelligent Electric Screwdriver Set Cordless LED Precision Repair Tools
Xiaodong X2 19-in-1 Mini Intelligent Cordless LED Electric Screwdriver Set for Precision Repairs $112.99

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Enticing Features:

Brand ⁤-
Gear up for your DIY projects with the finest tool ​- the XIAODONG X2 Mini intelligent electric screwdriver.

Model –
The X2 model⁣ is tailor-made for precision and efficiency.

Type –
It’s an intelligent, compact electric screwdriver kit for versatile use.

Color –
Choose from elegant Black or sleek ‍Silver.

Size –
With dimensions of 183x28mm, it fits perfectly in your hands for comfortable use.

Weight –
The lightweight design, weighing just 500g, makes it easy to ⁤handle.

Material –
It’s crafted from high-quality 6063 Aluminium, built to last.

Battery⁣ Type –
Powered by a Sam 18650 Li-ion​ battery, offering stable and reliable ⁣energy.

Battery Capacity –
Enjoy prolonged use with⁢ its large‌ capacity of 2200mAh.

Charging Time –
Speedy charging ensures​ you’re back to your task within 2.5 hours.

Charging Power-
The charger is rated at a standard 5V, ensuring your device safe and efficient charging.

Charging Current –
Offers a max charging current of 1.5A.

Locked Rotor Torque –
Utilize a‍ powerful locked rotor torque of up to 6kgf.cm.

Self-lock Torque –
Superlative self-lock torque ​performance ⁢of 30kgf.cm.

BitsQuantity -⁣
18 pieces of screw bits to cater to diverse operations.

Bits Size –
All the bits are 4x28mm, ensuring​ they fit into⁢ even the snuggest ⁢of spaces.

The screw bits types ​include:
– PH000 / PH00 / PH0 / ​PH1 / PH2
– SL1.5 / SL2.0 / SL3.0 / SL4.0
– T5 / T6 / T8 / T10
– H1.5 ⁢/ H2.0 / H3.0
– U2.0
– Y2.5

Some of the most striking features of the XIAODONG ⁤X2 Mini⁣ intelligent electric screwdriver include its durable 6063 Aluminium metal body, a large capacity Sam 18650 Li-ion battery, a smart dual-mode of operation that allows 360-degree access, ⁢and an inbuilt LED ⁤light ‍that makes finding screws‍ in low-light⁢ conditions very easy.

This screwdriver kit is ideally suited for DIY activities, disassembling PCs and phones, maintaining furniture, repairing model aircraft, drones, and more! ‍The light indicators help you with the operational status – ⁢red means it’s time ‍to charge, green shows the charging status, and blue is for operation.

The package includes: 1 XIAODONG X2 electric screwdriver and 18 screw bits.