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YIHUA 853D Rework Station: Soldering, Hot Air Welding, USB, DC Power Supply


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YIHUA 853D 110V/220V 1A USB Rework Station with Soldering Station DC Power Supply and Hot Air for Welding
YIHUA 853D Rework Station: Soldering, Hot Air Welding, USB, DC Power Supply $144.54$244.54

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Discover the convenience of a three-in-one functionality with our DC power supply device. It seamlessly transforms between a hot air gun, and soldering station to cater to various needs.

Experience advanced technology with this device’s soldering iron, hot air, and power supply controlled by a microprocessor.

It features an air gun with the flexibility of manual/automatic work mode conversions.

With intelligent design in mind, this product also has a soldering iron with a sleep function that can be set to 10 minutes, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency.

Users will appreciate the Celsius/Fahrenheit display temperature function that comes in two options to suit preferences.

Adding more versatility is the USB model that offers a dedicated USB output port. This means easy connection to smart phones and other communication devices!

Our product also offers precision with its high-precision 4-LED display window. It shows current indication with output display precision reaching up to 1mA.

The hot air gun comes with a high-quality heating core, ensuring effective and optimal functioning.

Invest in device protection with our power recovery feature. It continuously safeguards against unexpected interference that could potentially damage mobile phones.

Ease of use is a top priority; we’ve made sure that our product is straightforward and user-friendly.


Model:853D USB 1A Total Power:≤800W
Dimensions: L253 x W186 x H 125mm ±5mm
Weight: Approx. 3.8kg
Hot Air Gun:

  • Output Power:650W
  • Temperature Range:100~480℃
  • Air Supply Mode:Brushless-Motor Fan
  • Airflow:120L/min(MAX.)
  • Display Mode:LED Digital Display
  • Temperature Stability:±1℃ (Static)

Soldering Iron:

  • Output Power:45W
  • Temperature Range:200~480℃
  • Display Mode:LED Digital Display
  • Temperature Stability:±2℃ (Static)
  • Heating Core:Tip-to-Ground Impedance
  • Tip-to-Ground Voltage: High-quality metal heater

Power Supply:

  • Operating Voltage:0~15V
  • Operating Current:0~1A
  • Protection Mode:Short Circuit Overcurrent
  • Voltage Display Mode:LED Digital Display
  • Current Display Mode:LED Digital Display
  • Load Stability:Ripple and Noise:


The box includes an 853D USB 1A control unit, a 907O soldering iron handle, a soldering iron stand, 4 nozzles (12x12mm,10mm,8mm, and 5mm), an IC chip extractor removal tool, a probes set, a power cord, and a user manual.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at our product: