YIHUA 8858-I & 928D: Portable 65W LED Digital Display Hot Air Gun and Soldering Iron


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YIHUA 8858-I + 928D 65W LED Digital Display Soldering Iron Portable Hot Air Gun Soldering Tools
YIHUA 8858-I & 928D: Portable 65W LED Digital Display Hot Air Gun and Soldering Iron $123.95

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Introducing our premium YH-928D Home Repair DIY Temperature Adjustable 65 watts LED Digital Display⁤ Soldering Iron and YH-8858-I Portable Hot Air Gun Tool Kit – a fantastic ​solution​ for all⁤ your ⁢soldering needs!⁣ Comprised of 31 ​high-quality‍ pieces, this ⁢remarkable tool kit is crafted by ⁢an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Manufacturer with 18 years of experience in ‍soldering tools.

Outlining Specifications:
The ⁢unique YIHUA 8858-I Portable Hot⁢ Air Gun comes with an adjustable airflow knob ‍and temperature ‍adjustment feature, ⁤courtesy of ⁢the advanced PID Programmable Temperature Control Technology. It⁣ offers a maximum air flow volume⁣ of 120L/min with a soft ⁤air type brushless fan. The handle‌ measures ≤1.4 Meter/ ≤55.12”‍ in length ​and the size is L305 x W60 x H60mm ​±3mm/ 12.01″L ⁤x 2.36″ W x 2.36″ ⁤H⁤ ±0.12″.

The innovative YIHUA 928D Digital Display Soldering Iron ⁢radiates 65W power ‍and ‌offers⁢ temperature ⁢adjustment ranging from 194° F ~ 896°F/90°C ~ 480°C with a ⁣stability of ±3.6°F/2.0°C in a static state. It takes merely about‌ 20 seconds to⁣ reach 572°F.

This ⁢product comes with a U.S plug,‍ suitable for ⁣a ‌main supply voltage of 110V~127V/AC, 60Hz.

Important Note: When using the brass wool tip cleaner (which contains⁣ rosin), ensure proper ventilation. Avoid inhaling the fume,​ consuming⁤ the solid-state rosin, or allowing it ‌to directly contact​ your skin and eyes.

The ⁣package ​includes:
1​ x YH-928D ​Soldering Iron with US Plug Power Cord
1 x YH-8858-I  Hot ⁣Air Gun with US Plug Power Cord
1 x Soldering Iron Stand
1 ‌x Hot Air Gun Stand
1 ‌x Iron Tip Cleaner(includes a copper wire cleaning ball)
1 x Replacement Iron Heating Element
1 x Replacement Hot Air Gun Heating Element
1 x Blue Sponge
3 x Hot Air Nozzles(1313mm, 1010mm and 8*8mm)
1 x Desoldering Pump
1 x Portable⁣ Tube Solder⁤ Wire
2 x Anti-Static Tweezers(Straight & Angled)
5 x Assorted Sizes of Soldering Iron Tips (SGS certified Lead-Free Tip)
1 x Screwdriver(28mm Long Magnetic Bit Holder)
8 x Bits
1 x Diagonal pliers
1 x ESD Insulation⁤ Silicone ‍Working Mat
1 x Carrying Case


For⁣ more insights about this product, you can ‍visit YouTube to see its ​product video. This amazing kit is guaranteed to give you a⁢ smooth and ⁣efficient soldering ⁣experience for all of⁢ your‍ projects.