Yongnuo YN568EX III Wireless Flash Speedlite for Nikon Camera – 2.4G TTL High Speed Sync


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Yongnuo YN568EX III 2.4G TTL High Speed Sync Wireless Flash Light Speedlite For Nikon Camera
Yongnuo YN568EX III Wireless Flash Speedlite for Nikon Camera - 2.4G TTL High Speed Sync $115.99

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Product⁢ Description:

The YN568EX III⁣ speedlite ​is a high⁤ performing Ma ster flash that supports C’s optical transportation wireless operations. During the optical transportation ⁤wireless shooting,⁣ this flash unit ​can trigger both​ YONGNUO‌ and ⁢C’s EX series speedlite, except for⁢ the ‍YN585EX. It supports up to 4 channels, offering wireless TTL, manual flash, and stroboscopic‌ flash ⁤capabilities.

Also compatible‍ with C and N’s optical transportation wireless ​slave flash, this unit ⁢can function as a ⁤slave to the Ma ster unit of ​many ‌models⁣ including YN600EX-RT II,​ YN568EX II,⁤ YN568EX III, 600EX(II)-RT, 580EX II, SB-910/900/800/700, for Nikon internal flash and wireless signal of 7D/60D/600D. This unit realizes​ external TTL,‍ manual flash and ⁤stroboscopic flash.

With ⁢a guide number of 58⁤ (ISO 100, 105mm), ‍the YN568EX⁢ III supports both automatic and manual ⁢zooming between‌ the focal length of‍ 24-105mm. It is a ⁢high index TTL flash that supports TTL, M, Multi‍ flash.

Capable of high-speed sync ‍with all shutter ⁤speeds and maximum shutter sync of‍ 1/8000s, the unit comes​ with a ⁢high-speed ⁣recycling​ system allowing full output ‍recycling within 2 seconds.

The ⁢YN568EX III can be ⁤triggered by the camera set-top, PC synchronization trigger, and wireless optical⁣ trigger off ⁢the camera, supporting multiple trigger modes,⁢ automatic settings saving, and custom setting.

The speedlite comes equipped with a USB interface for firmware upgrade and a large LCD display⁣ screen ‌for easy operation. It allows‌ real-time display of battery remaining power, and includes a 2.5mm PC interface for user convenience.

Circuit Design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor ‍(IGBT)
Guide No.: 58 ‌(ISO 100, ⁢105mm)
Flash ‍Mode: TTL, M, Multi
Trigger Mode: On-camera, Sc, Sn, S1, S2
Zoom Range: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80,⁣ 105mm
Vertical Rotation⁣ Angle: -7~90 degrees
Horizontal Rotation Angle: ‌0~270 degrees
Power Supply: 4⁢ x AA batteries (not included; Alkaline⁤ or NI-MH are usable)
Lighting Times: 100~1500 times (using AA alkaline ​battery)
Recycle‌ Time: Approx. 2s (with new⁢ AA ​alkaline batteries)
Color Temperature: 5600K
Flash Time: 1/200s~1/20000s
Flash⁤ Control: ‌8 Levels of Output Control (1/128~1/1), 29 Levels of Fine Tuning
External interface: Hot ‍Shoe, PC⁢ Port, USB Port
Wireless Triggering Distance: 20~25m Indoors, 10~15m Outdoors
Additional Features: Ma ster ⁣Flash, High ‌Speed Sync, Rear-Curtain Sync, FEC, FEB, FE Lock, Sound Prompt, Auto-Save Setting, PC Sync, USB Port, Power Saving⁤ Mode, Overheating Protection, and Advanced Options Setting
Item Size:⁢ 6.2 x ⁤7.2 x 18.8cm (Extended state)
Item Weight:‍ 383g
Package Size: 21.5 x 9.5 x 8cm
Package Weight: 565g
Compatibility: Hot ‌shoe⁣ TTL ‍mode compatible with: Nikon ⁣D7400 D7300 D7200 D7100⁤ D5600 D5500‌ D5400⁤ D5300 D5200 D5100 D5000 D3500 D3400 D3300⁢ D3200⁣ D3100 D3000 D700⁣ D800E D800 D810 D610 ⁣D750 D300s D200 D100 D80 D90 D40 D40x​ D60 D4 D3.⁣ Wireless TTL slave mode compatible with: Nikon Commander SU-800, Nikon SB-910, SB-900,‌ SB-800, SB-700, Commander SU-800.

Package Includes: ⁣
1 x YN568EX III Speedlite
1 x​ Mini Stand
1 x Protecting‌ Bag
1 x User Manual (English & Chinese)