ZL-180 Handheld USB GPS Navigation Land Area Meter with 2.4 inch Display for Land Survey 100-240V


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ZL-180 Handheld USB GPS Navigation Track Land Area Meter 2.4 inch Display Land Survey 100-240V Land Navigation
ZL-180 Handheld USB GPS Navigation Land Area Meter with 2.4 inch Display for Land Survey 100-240V $78.99

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The spotlight is on this Land Area Meter, a must-have precision tool for those working in industries requiring reliable measurements. There is plenty to love about this device! It features a 2.4-inch large screen accompanied by a robust LED backlight, making reading easy and trouble-free- even in the dark.

For your convenience, it automatically measures tracks, displaying area and length concurrently on one screen. It also boasts a trifecta of real-time displays. This means it can show your trajectory, area, and length in real-time, leaving no room for fretful waiting.

Skeptical about the battery life? Ah, worry not! This meter is equipped with a hefty 5.5wh lithium battery that can blissfully serve you for three days on a single charge. Its high-sensitivity encapsulated antenna guarantees that your measurements will be spot-on every time.

Its strikingly designed buttons are made of silicone material, which not only feels soothing to the touch but is also highly wear-resistant and easy to use. Better yet, they won’t fade!

The three key aspects –area, length, and trajectory– can be concurrently captured in just one measurement! How’s that for efficiency? More details about this dependable product are showcased below:

Model: ZL-180
Satellite accuracy: 0.8m
Measurement error: 0.01
Length and width measurement: Yes
Manual fixed point measurement: Yes
Vehicle mode measurement: Yes
Automatic slope measurement: Yes
Real-time display graphics: Yes
Three real-time displays: Real-time display trajectory, real-time display area, real-time display length.
Measurement mode includes manual fixed-point measurement, vehicle mode measurement, and measurement of length and width mode.

When you utilize the vehicle mode measurement, you can directly attach harvesters, rotary machines, seeding machines and similar equipment. The mode even allows for automated recording of the running track! The manual fixed point measurement feature easily displays measurement results, adding a fixed point at each inflection.

The package comprises of the following:
1 x Land Area Meter
1 x Instructions
1 x Hang Rope
1 x USB Cable

For a more detailed visual representation, feast your eyes on the detailed images below:


Let this Land Area Meter be your trusted partner in achieving precise measurements every time. It is approachable, intuitive, and commendably accurate. In the end, isn’t that what truly matters