ZX7-200C DC Welding Inverter Machine, 220V, LED Display – Handheld Soldering Tool


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ZX7-200C 220V 25-300A Welding Machine DC Welding Inverter Handheld Welding Soldering Tool LED Current Display
ZX7-200C DC Welding Inverter Machine, 220V, LED Display - Handheld Soldering Tool $130.99

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Product ⁢Name: Portable Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

Detailed Specifications:
Method of Welding:‌ This employs a traditional welding method
Current Type: Utilizes Direct Current (DC)
Design: It is compact and has⁤ a portable style.
Operation: Works on a semi-automatic drive form
Applicable Material: ⁣Designed specifically for ⁣welding metal objects.
Input Voltage: Requires 220V ‍
Frequency: Operates at a ⁢frequency of 50/60Hz
Output Current Range: Offers an adjustable output current range of 25-200‍ Amps
Duty Cycle: Has a rated load duration of 60%
Color: The machine comes in‍ a vibrant, industrial orange
Dimensions: Compact dimension of 24.5 x 17.5 x 12 cm

Prominent Features:

  • The welding machine houses a current adjustment knob for user-friendly operation and routine maintenance.
  • It comes with a digital‍ display that indicates current size, promoting optimum welding results.
  • Features dual 12-channel design for proactive ‍heat dissipation.
  • Accommodates 25 duct openings for rapid and effective heat dispersion.
  • The fast sockets are made of high-precision copper, making connections safe ⁤and straightforward.
  • The design includes a sturdy handle ​for enhanced security and durability.
  • The power ⁢cord screws are locked securely in place, augmenting safety.

Package Contents: The packing box ⁣includes 1 Portable Semi-automatic Welding machine.