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Fish Tank Heater Submersible Rod

It is a quick heating water heater that heats up the water in the tank when it's too cold for your pets to handle It also has an anti-burst feature to ensure the safety of your pets This fish tank heater has a smart heating system because it can sense extreme water temperatures and automatically adjusts it to the normal levels Material: Glass /Plug: EU Plug or US Plug/Cable Length: Approx. 85cm Frequency: 50/60HZ/Temperature Range: 20~34℃ / 68~93°F Product Variants: 25W: 195x25mm/Tank Capacity: 30L/L:20.5cm / 8in 50W: 195x25mm/Tank Capacity: 60L/L: 21cm / 8.27in 100W: 250x25mm/Tank Capacity: 120L/L: 25.5cm / 10in 200W: 295x25mm/Tank Capacity: 200L/L: 29cm / 11.43in 300W: 250x25mm/Tank Capacity: 375L/L:  29cm / 11.43in Plug Variants: EU Plug: 220V US Plug: 110V Package Content: 1 x Fish Tank Heater 2 x Suction Cups

Foldable Mattress Bedroom Foam

A cushiony mattress that can let you sleep comfortably at night
It can help you lie down in bed straightly so you won't slouch
You can carry it wherever you want to go because it is portable
Material: Sponge, Polyester Fiber
Package Content/s Per Variant:

Gray (Thickness: 6cm)
Gray (Thickness: 10cm)
White (Thickness: 6cm)
White (Thickness: 10cm)