100-Piece Micro USB Connector Set – Multi-Specification Charging Pins


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100-Piece Micro USB Connector Set - Multi-Specification Charging Pins $9.99$20.39

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Our product is a high-quality micro USB connector pin set ideal for ⁣both professional and home maintenance use. It includes a storage ⁢box featuring a side splitter design to ensure organized storage. We offer 6‌ different selectable sets to cater to your specific requirements.


  • Compact size and lightweight nature make it easily portable
  • Provided with wear resistance and fine ‌durability for a long-lasting usability
  • Accompanied by a ⁣storage box featuring ‍a side splitter ⁣design for organized storage
  • Available in 6 different sets, allowing you‌ to select as per your needs
  • Appropriate for both professional and ⁤personal maintenance use


The​ kit⁣ is named Micro USB Connector Kit and is available in the following types:

  • 50pcs/box (10 models,5pcs each)
  • 100pcs/box (10 models,10pcs each)
  • 75pcs/box (15 models, 5pcs each)
  • 150pcs/box (15 models, 10pcs each)
  • 120pcs/box (24‍ models, 5pcs each)
  • 240pcs/box (24 models,⁢ 10pcs‍ each)

Package Size

  • 10 ​Models: 128 * 65 * 23mm
  • 15 ⁤Models:⁢ 174 * 98 * 22mm
  • 24 Models: 190 *⁢ 130 * 22mm

Package‌ Weight

  • 50pcs/box(10 models,5pcs ​each): 80g
  • 100pcs/box(10⁣ models,10pcs each): 100g
  • 75pcs/box(15 models, 5pcs each): 100g
  • 150pcs/box(15 models, 10pcs each): 130g
  • 120pcs/box(24 models, 5pcs each): 110g
  • 240pcs/box(24 models, 10pcs each): 140g

Packing List

The package includes 1 box of Micro USB Connector.