1500W Heat Air Gun Power Tool with 4 Nozzles, Dual Temperature Range


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1500W 400-800℃ Dual Temperature Heat Air Gun Power Tool with 4 Nozzles
1500W Heat Air Gun Power Tool with 4 Nozzles, Dual Temperature Range $39.90

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Product Name: Hot Air Tool

Discover the versatility and convenience in a hot air tool that opens up a host of possibilities. Uniquely designed to produce a steady jet of hot air, this tool softens parts, making them easier to work with. Hot air/gas welding is a common technique used in creating smaller items, making this hot air tool essential in such processes.

Its uses are not limited to welding but extend to melting materials, softening paint and plastic, peeling off stickers, reshaping plastic tubes, adjusting floor tiles, repairing mobile phones, and many more. The versatility of this tool is a testament to its high performance and industrial-grade quality.

Various temperature modes are available to select the right heat level for your task. It operates on two modes, a low mode and a high mode, providing you with flexibility for various tasks. A powerful element within the tool ensures enough heat concentration, making it suitable for stripping paint.


  • Weight: 855g
  • Carton Size: 256mm x 115mm
  • Power: 220V-240V, 50Hz-60HZ, 1500W
  • Air volume: 450L/min
  • Operating temperature: 300℃ (Low mode) 500℃ (High mode)
  • Nozzle diameter: 35.3mm

Your package includes 1 Hot Air Tool complete with 4 different nozzles, a clear and simple set of user instructions, and the tool neatly packed in a suitable box.

Let the images below show you in detail the extraordinary features of this hot air tool: