AtuMan HG-1 2000W Hot Air Heater – Adjustable Temperature, Ideal for Crafts, PVC Shrinking, Paint Stripping


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AtuMan HG-1 Hot Air Heater 2000W 50-650℃ Adjustable Temperature for Crafts Shrinking PVC Stripping Paint with 4 Nozzles
AtuMan HG-1 2000W Hot Air Heater - Adjustable Temperature, Ideal for Crafts, PVC Shrinking, Paint Stripping $32.66

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Discover the power and versatility of the ATuMan Heat Gun. Equipped with a robust 2000W motor, this heat gun makes quick work of heating up in mere seconds. Two operating modes — I: 500℃ at 250L/min and II: 650℃ at 500L/min — provide the flexibility for virtually any project.

Need to adjust the temperature? Seamlessly switch between the low setting of 500℃ and a high of 650℃. The dual temperature options are perfect for tackling a wide range of household and home improvement tasks.

The ATuMan Hot Air Gun is designed, keeping comfort and usability in mind. Its ergonomic handle design minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries during extended use. This makes it the go-to tool for a variety of applications, including shrinking heat shrink tube, heating PVC, electronics, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrap, paint or floor tile removal, rusted bolt loosening, plus other heating and thawing purposes.

Complementing the heat gun are four distinct nozzle accessories. The deflector nozzle creates a long, narrow heat pattern. Two concentrator nozzles provide a focused heat flow. The reflector nozzle evenly disperses heat across the entire work surface. Please note that given the high concentration of the heat blown out, avoid using the nozzle for prolonged periods.


Name: ATuMan Hot Air Gun
Output Power: 2000W
Rated Voltage: AC110-130V AC220-240V
Temperature Range: 50-650℃
I Temperature: 50-500℃
II Temperature: 90-650℃
Air Flow Rate: 250/500L/Min
Temperature Adjustment Method: Top Knob
Function Knob: Clockwise Plus/Reverse Minus

What’s included in the package?

You will receive a 2000W Heat Gun, 4 Nozzles, and a User Manual.

Get a closer look at the ATuMan Hot Air Gun with the detailed pictures below.