2-in-1 French Fry and Cup Holder – Ideal for Cars and Indoor Use


This French Fry Holder has a smooth and sleek design that is comfortable to hold
It has a compartment that separates the sauce to keep the fries fresh and crispy
The sauce container is removable from the cup itself for convenience when cleaning
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 16.5 x 9.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x French Fry Holder

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French Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup
2-in-1 French Fry and Cup Holder - Ideal for Cars and Indoor Use $14.61

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Product Description:

Introducing the French‌ Fry Holder 2-in-1 Cup, an innovative solution for serving your favorite snack. Whether it’s intended for home use, ⁣restaurants,​ cafes, ​or hotels, this holder provides a practical⁤ and stylish way ⁤to serve and enjoy french fries.

French Fries,‌ a go-to food item for both special events and casual gatherings,​ are loved because they offer⁢ a delicious ‍and convenient eating ⁤experience. Complete this experience with ​their ‍perfect companion, their sauce. ⁢Now, you don’t‌ need two separate⁤ containers for your fries and dips thanks to this French Fry Holder.

Built with Dual Compartments:

This French Fry⁣ Holder⁢ is not your ordinary plate or bowl. It stands out with its creative design with ​dual compartments. ‍It offers an individual space for your ‍french fries and a separate compartment for ⁤your choice of sauce. This smart design facilitates hassle-free dipping and eating experience, making it perfect for occasions like movie ⁢nights where one-hand use is preferred. It also keeps your fries crisp and non-soggy by preventing ⁤them from soaking in the‌ sauce.

Effortless Cleaning:

Designed with finesse, our 2-in-1 cup presents a sleek shape and‍ a smooth surface that syncs comfort with ​style. Its sturdy flat base elevates stability.⁢ The sauce compartment is removable to ensure efficient cleaning, allowing you to reach the bottom of the french fry holder ​and thoroughly clean the sauce container.

Quality Assurance:

The French ‌Fry‌ Holder is crafted from superior quality, ⁢food-safe, and non-toxic materials. Its qualifications extend to other food items apart from french fries, making it a versatile addition to your ⁣kitchen.