2-Piece Set Poached Egg Maker – Easy-to-Use Kitchen Cooking Tool for Perfect Poached Eggs


You don’t have to a chef to cook perfect poached eggs, all you need is this poached egg cooker
You can cook poached eggs in this cooker in two ways: by using a pot of boiling water or by using the microwave oven
It has a silicone tip so you can easily pick up the poacher without burning your hand
Material: Silicone
Package Content:

2 x Poached Egg Cooker

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Poached Egg Cooker Poaching Tool (2 PCs)
2-Piece Set Poached Egg Maker - Easy-to-Use Kitchen Cooking Tool for Perfect Poached Eggs $21.30

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Product Description:

Poached Egg Cooker Poaching Tool (2 Pack)

Perfecting the poached egg is often considered the art piece of egg cooking. This delicate balance of skill and timing is needed to keep the yolk runny while creating a cohesive form with the egg whites. However, it’s now possible to master this art, even if you’re not a professional chef, thanks to this Poached Egg Cooker. This specialized cooking tool assists you in achieving perfectly-poached eggs effortlessly.

A standout feature of the egg poacher is its mesh bottom, allowing water to seep through with ease, resulting in a perfectly-cooked egg. Following the boiling process, you can also quickly strain away the excess water, thanks to the same wire mesh feature. Utilizing this poacher eliminates the need to add vinegar to the boiling water – a traditional method used to bind the egg whites.

Cooking Methods:

There are two simple ways to cook eggs using this poacher. The first technique involves deep cookware filled with boiling water. Once the water is boiling, crack a whole egg into the floating egg poacher in the pot and wait for approximately 2 minutes, or until the egg whites firm up around the yolk. After it’s cooked, drain the poacher and immediately plunge it into cold water to halt the cooking process, keeping the yolk delightfully runny.

The second technique may be more familiar to those who prefer microwave cooking. To do this, simply fill the poacher with hot water, add a whole egg, and cook in the microwave on high heat for about 2 minutes. Either way, you end up with flawless, oeuf en cocotte that’s cooked to perfection.

Silicone Tip:

A distinctive feature of this poacher is its heat-resistant silicone tip, designed to remain cool even amidst a boiling pot of water. This allows you to easily lift the poacher out of hot water without risking a burn. Thanks to the thoughtful design, you can enjoy your expertly-cooked, perfectly-poached eggs without any hassle.