Solar-Powered Ruler Calculator – Eco-Friendly, Portable, and Multi-Purpose


A 3 in 1 mini ruler, solar-powered calculator, and magnifying glass
The calculator performs basic math functions such as add, subtract, multiply, and divide; Also has memory functions
It’s lightweight and pocket-size perfect, convenient to bring to school every day
Material: Plastic / Power Source: Solar (No Batteries)
Size: 127 x 43 mm
Package Content:

1 x Ruler Calculator

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Ruler Calculator Solar Powered
Solar-Powered Ruler Calculator - Eco-Friendly, Portable, and Multi-Purpose $12.90

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Product Description:

The Ruler Calculator Solar Powered​ is a⁤ multi-functional tool, combining ‌a calculator, ruler, and ‌magnifying glass. This compact, educational tool is essential for math and science classes for solving⁢ basic mathematical problems, measuring small lengths, ⁤and examining small objects at close range.

Designed as a 10cm ruler, this tool is perfect‌ for small‍ measurements required in quizzes, tests, and seat works. Incorporated into the ruler is a ⁢fully-functional solar calculator with a clear, easy-to-read display screen and soft-touch keys for effortless use. At the ​end of the ruler is a handy magnifying glass, which can be‍ useful for inspecting ‌small objects during science class.

Solar-Powered Capabilities:

One of⁢ the key⁣ features of this mini calculator⁣ is its ⁤solar power functionality, eliminating the need for​ batteries. With exposure to just a ⁣little bit of light, the calculator ⁤can perform basic addition, ⁤subtraction, multiplication, and division tasks. The M+‍ and M- buttons provide functionality to add or⁣ subtract from memory, respectively. The solar power mechanism ensures ⁢the lifespan of the calculator while being⁤ economical by saving on the cost of batteries.


This 3-in-1 ruler, calculator, and magnifying glass ⁢is designed for convenience and portability. Its ⁣compact size fits perfectly inside a pencil case or pocket. Lightweight and easy to carry, this tool is⁢ an ‍effective and useful addition to your stationary supplies for school.