2-Piece Set Premium Double Curtain Rod Brackets


These double curtain rod brackets can hold 2 poles (25mm) at the same time so you can have options on what curtain to use
It is durable, sturdy and strong to hold all the curtains properly
Easy to install and use to give you convenience
Material: aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 2cm / Weight: 60g
Package content:

1 set Double Curtain Rod Brackets (2Pcs)

Double Curtain Rod Brackets (2Pcs)
2-Piece Set Premium Double Curtain Rod Brackets $19.90

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Product Title: Double Curtain Rod Brackets (2Pcs)

Product Overview:
Available in two colors, red and white, these double curtain rod brackets offer both practicality and style to any home. Whether it’s to complement or contrast with your wall paint, these brackets enable you to secure your curtains and make the most of their purpose, from light regulation to dust protection.

Product Uses:
These brackets are designed to hold two rods simultaneously, providing flexibility in curtain usage. Whether you prefer a tulle curtain for more light and air circulation, or a thicker drape for added privacy, these brackets provide the option to easily adjust according to your preferences.

Product Features:
Constructed using sturdy and robust materials, these double curtain rod brackets are designed to last. They can be installed easily using separately sold screws and can accommodate two 25mm curtain poles. These double brackets offer the distinct advantage of simultaneously accommodating two poles, allowing you to switch up your curtain styles and make unique choices for your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Product Options:
With the double rod brackets, you can now explore a wider range of curtain options and styles while ensuring your curtain setups are secure, functional, and visually appealing.