20-Piece Set of Decorative Paper Lantern Lights


A Chinese-style paper lantern for indoor or outdoor use
It is a multi-purpose lantern that you can use as a home decor or a decoration for your event
It adds an elegant and romantic theme to your space, great for outdoor picnics and barbecue
Size : 20cm/30cm/35cm/40cm
Material: Paper+Iron stay bar
Package Content:

20 x Assorted Size Paper Lantern

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Paper Lantern Lights Decoration (20 pieces)
20-Piece Set of Decorative Paper Lantern Lights $49.90

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Paper Lantern Lights Decoration

Designed with ⁢eco-friendly principles in mind, this⁢ paper‌ lantern‍ lights decoration ⁤offers a creative ⁢and minimalist option for your event decor needs.‌ The simplicity of the style mimics Chinese paper ⁤lanterns, effortlessly ‌filling space and adding an air of elegance. This illusion of fullness is ‌achieved with just a few lanterns, adding⁤ a classic-romantic ambiance to any setting.

This ⁢lantern works ideally for‌ dinner dates in outdoor spaces. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor ‍use, but careful setup is required in the event of rain, to ⁣prevent the lanterns⁤ from getting damp.

Multi-purpose Decoration

The utility ⁤and appeal of ​this ⁣paper lantern extend beyond‍ parties. It can serve as a decorative addition to any space that needs a touch of elegance. It’s ideal for picnics, ⁢backyard barbecues, home events, and more. Warm light bulbs in combination with ​these lanterns can create a dramatic and romantic atmosphere, making ​them a great choice for outdoor⁤ weddings.

Considered a staple decoration, the lantern⁣ is versatile and can be used for various events including weddings, birthdays, baby ⁣showers, and baptisms.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether indoors or outdoors, these paper lanterns can⁢ be⁣ effortlessly incorporated. Outdoor setups require‍ some sort of overhead coverage in⁤ the ⁤event of rain, and indoor use should consider potential fire risks. ⁤Always ensure that the lantern is well-secured, and clear of any fire hazards, to ensure safety.