LED Light Enhanced Retractable Dog Leash for Night-time Safety


It lets you walk your dog freely in an open area
Comes with a super LED flashlight (9 LEDs) for you to travel safely at night
Strong and durable, with high-grade TPE handle for a comfortable grip
Materials: Nylon and ABS
Sizes: 5m For 20kgs dogs (40kgs pull); 8m For 40kgs dogs (100kgs pull)
Package Includes:

1 x Retractable Dog Lead with LED Light

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Retractable Dog Lead with LED Light
LED Light Enhanced Retractable Dog Leash for Night-time Safety $38.49$41.19

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Retractable Dog Lead with LED Light

This retractable dog lead facilitates your regular outdoor trips with your pet. Whether it’s for a simple breath of fresh air or a regular exercise routine, this leash allows both you and your pet to enjoy the outdoor vistas while maintaining safety and control. Crafted for durability and convenience, this leash is an ideal addition to your pet supplies and ensures a secure venture outdoors.

Non-Slip and Ergonomic Handle

The leash is accompanied by a non-slip, ergonomic handle. It’s adjustable, providing you with the ability to set it to a desired length effortlessly. The leash allows you to offer your pet freedom in open spaces such as parks while ensuring their security. Regardless of your pet’s friendliness, this leash is necessary when in public spaces to prevent possible mishaps. The handle is made from high-grade TPE material, lending a comfortable grip for the user and assuring your pet’s safety.

LED Flashlight For Safety

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this retractable dog lead also features an integrated LED flashlight. This added functionality supports safe night walks with your pet. If your schedule prevents morning walks, the leash’s flashlight ensures that you and your pet remain visible while outdoors in the dark, contributing towards both your safety.