220V MIG-250 Welding Machine – Versatile with MIG, TIG, ARC Functions


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MIG-250 MIG TIG ARC Welding Machine Mig250 Welder Gas Gasless Welder 220V Mig Welding Machine
220V MIG-250 Welding Machine - Versatile with MIG, TIG, ARC Functions $355.99

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Essential Features:

Dive into the myriad of specifications of our handy tool – The MIG250 Welder. This impressive model operates on one-phase AC220V±15% power voltage and employs advanced IGBT inverter technology. With a 50/60HZ frequency and 9.2KAV rated input power capacitor, it is endowed with fantastic functionality.

Adjust the current within the range of 40-250A and benefit from the output voltage of 15-29V. Enjoy the extended optimal performance with a duty cycle of 60%. The MIG250 Welder boasts a power factor of 0.85 and an efficiency rating of 80%, setting new standards in the welding industry.

Designed for convenience, this welding machine comes with a Europe type connector for the wire feeder. Compatible with a 200mm wire spool diameter, it comfortably accommodates a 0.8/1.0mm wire diameter.

Rest in the assurance of safety with the F grade insulation provided in this efficient machinery. The model comes with an easy-to-follow manual for the user’s reference.

What’s included in the package? We provide you with 1 Mig Welder MIG250, 1 Mig torch, 1 Electrode holder, and 1 Earth clamp.

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