6-in-1 Inverter Arc Electric Welding Machine, 220V with LCD Display


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MIG-200AL 6 in 1 220V Inverter Arc Electric Welding Machine MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG/PULSE AlMg/PULSE AlSi/DOUBLE PULSE Welder for Welding Electric Working LCD Display
6-in-1 Inverter Arc Electric Welding Machine, 220V with LCD Display $627.99

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Introducing the MIG-200 series inverter pulse arc welding machine. This versatile equipment offers a variety of welding methods including MMA, LIFT TIG, MIG/MIX, PULSE AlMg, PULSE AlSi, DOUBLE PULSE, and more. It is an excellent choice for different types of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, Al-Mg, aluminum-silicon, flux-cored welding wire, amongst others. Notable for its even, no-splash welding and uniform molten pool, the MIG-200 series takes welding to new heights.

One important detail to note is that the welding machine comes equipped with six functions. However, to access additional “modes”, you are required to acquire a “password” from the supplier.

To view the manual, click here

Here are some standout features of the MIG-200 welding machine:

  1. A full-digital control system is integrated ensuring accurate control and steady arc length during the welding process.
  2. It also features a full-digital wire feeding control system for precise and stable wire feeding.
  3. Comes with a built-in welding expert database which gives you the opportunity to utilize automatic intelligent parameter combinations.
  4. Flawless user-friendly operation interface with a unified regulating mode that’s easy to navigate.
  5. Exceptional single pulse and double pulse functions which minimize welding spatter and enhance the visual appeal of the weld.
  6. The unique four-step function is highly beneficial for welding metals with good thermal conductivity, guaranteeing impeccable welding quality during arc initiation and extinguishment.


Rated input voltage:220V±10%
Rated input current (A):35A
Rated output capacity:7.7KV.A
Output no-load voltage (V):69V
Rated load duration:40%
Power factor COSφ:0.73
Efficiency η:85%
Dimensions (mm):570430320

The package includes:

  • 1 x Mig Welder MIG200AL
    -1 x Mig torch
  • 1 x Electrode holder
  • 1 x Earth clamp
  • 1 x Pack of tips and nozzles