220V Mini Electric Welding Machine: Compact DC Inverter Welder for Home Use


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220V MINI Electric Welding Machine Household DC Inverter Welder Tool 20-250A
220V Mini Electric Welding Machine: Compact DC Inverter Welder for Home Use $129.99

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Introducing the 220V MINI Electric Welding Machine: Your perfect household DC Inverter Welding Tool.

Key Features: ● It boasts a front and rear edging body design for enhanced safety and to prevent damage from accidental collisions. ● It comes with national standard capacitors that offer 105 degree high temperature resistance, supported by an explosion-proof slurry capacitor to ensure long-term, dependable performance. ● The inclusion of a high-frequency magnetic ring ensures long-time work without inverter interference, prevents poor contact, resists rust, and allows better conduction. ● The design features exhaust vents on three sides for continued work. The motherboard remains ventilated, preventing heating, and ensuring a prolonged lifespan for your welding machine.

Product Specifications

Material: Steel Color: Black Dimensions: 10.515.522 cm Weight: 222 kg Appropriate welding rod: 1.6/2.5 all-days welding rod / 3.2 long welding rod Number of capacitors included: three Compatible electrode type: ordinary, stainless steel or cast iron electrodes Suitable electrode material: stainless steel / carbon steel / pig iron Applicable electrode thickness: 2-7mm Power: 4000w Current: 20-250A Voltage range: 220V ± 15%Practical for diverse industries: home door and window installation, advertising, auto repair, construction, scaffolding, bridge building, shipbuilding

Package Contents

1 x Face Mask1 x 3m Ground Wire1 x 3m Welding Torch1 x Hex Socket1 x Quick Plug1 x Slag Hammer1 x Welding Tongs1 x Ground Clamp1 x Host2 x Welding Rods1 x User Manual