Electric Arc Welder Inverter by AUTOOL, 110V/220V, Ideal for Sheet Metal Work


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AUTOOL EWM508 Arc Welderr Inverter Electric Welding Machine 110V 220V MMA for Welding Working Electric Sheet Metal Working Tool
Electric Arc Welder Inverter by AUTOOL, 110V/220V, Ideal for Sheet Metal Work $189.99

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Dive into Detail: The AUTOOL EWM-508 is a cutting-edge arc inverter welder that harnesses the power of modern technology for smooth, splash-free weld joint operations. Bolstered by an intelligent circuit board with Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology, this nifty device ensures immediate arcing and remarkable control over the master current. Its compact form means you can carry it anywhere, and its efficient heat dissipation and low power consumption allow for seamless long-term use.

What’s Inside? The AUTOOL EWM-508 arc welder comes with in-built IGBT technology that assures precise control over the master current. This results in a reduced splash and a velvety finish in the weld joint, facilitating an impeccable welding experience. Further enhancing your work is the digital chip control that enables instant arcing. An integrated ultra-low voltage intelligent regulator ensures the welder starts easily even in unstable voltage areas.

Beyond Ruggedness: The shell of the AUTOOL EWM-508 arc welder is constructed from durable cold-rolled steel. It features a full metal body and blind shutter that not only look robust but also help in heat dissipation. Weighing only 4KG, this device is further equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy portability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor and elevated work areas.

Safe and Efficient: The AUTOOL EWM-508 arc welder offers an automatic power-off protection in case of overheating, promoting longevity and safe use. Its aluminium alloy radiator with a serrated design and a 4100 turn/min mute fan work in synergy for rapid heat dissipation.

Powerhouse Performance: Equipped with a pure copper core cable, the welder ensures stable current output and minimal power loss, even across long distances. Compared to traditional models, the AUTOOL EWM-508 arc IGBT inverter welder achieves an impressive 70% power saving with an efficiency rate of up to 85%!

Key Specifications: The welder supports 1.6-3.2mm (3/50-1/8inch) diameter welding rods. Its butt welding thickness ranges from 2-6mm, while the angle welding thickness lies between 2-20mm. It operates at an input voltage range of 110V – 220V +/- 15% AC with a rated input current of 20.3A. Output parameters include an output current of 20-160A and an output voltage of 25.6V. It has a duty cycle of 60%, an efficiency of 85%, a power factor of 0.93, and a no-load loss of 40w. The unit measures 29x20x13cm.

What’s Included: Along with the Arc Welder, the package also includes a ground clamp, a face shield, a welding rod holder, a brush for clearing welding spatter, and an English manual.

Below are some comprehensive pictures to give you a closer look at the AUTOOL EWM-508!