24W Multi-purpose Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Machine with 12V DC 2A


12V DC 2A 24W Multi-purpose Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Lathe Machine
24W Multi-purpose Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Machine with 12V DC 2A $220.99

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Discover the power and precision of our Metal Lathe, designed with a jointed motor case and headstock for enhanced durability. This machine is built with a variety of robust metal parts including the headstock, tailstock, long machine bed, big slider, small slider, motor blade, gear, and connection piece. The only non-metal part is the drive belt cover, ensuring the overall strength and longevity of the lathe.

The lathe boasts a center height of 25mm and a distance between centers of 135mm. When machining metal, the motor speed typically reduces to 2000rpm/min to ensure optimal performance. The lathe tool, made from high-quality high-speed steel, is capable of processing soft metal, nonferrous metal, and other metals. With the use of a central block, the diameter can be expanded to 100mm.

Motor speed: 20,000rpm/min (optional choice 12,000rpm/min)
Input voltage/current/power: 12VDC/2A/24W
Voltage: 110V (US Plug); 220V (EU Plug)
Maximum working material diameter: 20mm
Working material length: 135mm
Axis Z slider travel: 30mm
Axis X slider travel: 160mm
Working material: lignin plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.), acrylic, plastic etc.

The lathe is equipped with a 0.02mm scale line on the handwheel to increase precision during processing. It weighs between 3.5kg and 4kg and measures 280*190*200mm or 350*220*255mm.

Package includes: 1x Wood Lathe Set