Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Machine with 12V DC 3A 36W Multi-purpose


12V DC 3A 36W Multi-purpose Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Lathe Machine
Mini Wood Lathe Metal Rotating Machine with 12V DC 3A 36W Multi-purpose $302.99

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Dive into⁣ the‍ world of precision‌ with this high-quality lathe machine.⁣ The motor case and headstock are seamlessly jointed, ensuring a ‌sturdy and reliable operation. The main components of this machine include the headstock, tailstock, long machine ⁤bed, slider, motor blade, gear, connection piece, and drive⁤ belt cover. All these parts ⁢are made of ​durable metal, with the exception​ of the drive belt cover.

The lathe tool, crafted from⁢ high-speed steel, is capable of processing soft metal, nonferrous metal, ⁣and other types of⁤ metal. With⁢ the use of a central block, the diameter can be expanded up to 100mm. The center height is 25mm, and the distance between centers is 135mm. When machining metal, the motor speed typically drops to 2000rpm/min.

Motor speed: 12,000rpm/min
Input ​voltage/current/power:‍ 12VDC/3A/36W
Voltage: 110V (US Plug); 220V ⁢(EU Plug)
Maximum working material diameter: 20mm
Length of​ material: 135mm
Axis Z ‍slider travels: 32mm
Axis X slider travels: 145mm
Working⁢ material: lignin plastic, soft‌ metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.), acrylic,‍ plastic etc.

The machine is equipped with​ a 0.02mm scale line on ⁣the‌ hand wheel, which enhances precision during processing.⁤ The weight of the machine is 3.6kg/4.4kg, and​ its size is 280mm*140mm*150mm/350*220*255mm.

Package includes:
1x Wood Lathe Set