3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit, 7PCS 110-260V


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7PCS 110-260V 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit
3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit, 7PCS 110-260V $35.99

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Description: ⁤This ​high-quality foam⁤ cutting pen is made from durable stainless steel and operates at a working power of 18W. It has an input of 110-260V AC and an output of⁣ 7.5V/2.5A DC. The bow diameter ​is 18cm, and the heating wire for the bow is‌ 10m long with a diameter of 0.25mm.​ The heat iron ‍for the pen is 10cm long with a diameter of 2mm. The handle is 12cm long, and the power cable is 3m long. The working temperature is 100 °⁤ C. This tool is perfect for foam cutting applications.

Features: This complete foam cutting tool set includes a high power 18W foam cutter with a UL ⁣approved power​ supply⁤ and an on/off safety switch. It also comes ​with a ⁤10cm bow hot blade, a⁤ replacement wire for the bow, and a cutter holder. The tool heats up quickly, reaching ‍150°C within 10 seconds. It cuts through styrofoam ‍smoothly and‌ quickly, sealing the edges ⁤cleanly and leaving no debris.‌ You can cut the foam board or block from any angle and craft it into your desired ​shape.

This tool is perfect for a variety of uses, including⁣ creating Halloween costumes, practicing handmade crafts, and even teaching model making lessons at school. It’s also ideal for commercial⁢ artwork development, complex and small font design in advertising, art piece⁣ creation by hobbyists, foam carving, art model making, and DIY craft projects at home and school.

This foam cutting set is a cost-effective‌ tool that​ allows users to work more easily⁢ on advertising words⁤ making, art model making, and various foam cutting projects. It’s made of high-quality metal for a longer service life. It’s an indispensable tool ⁢for foam cutting and engraving.

Please note: ⁣Allow the cutter to rest after about 30 minutes of continuous use. After each use, wipe the heating needle‍ with a damp sponge ‌to avoid blackening and hardening caused by the adhesion of oxides.

Package includes: 1 x 10cm Foam cutting pen, ⁢1 x ‍Bow Hot ‌Blade, 1 x Cutter Holder, 1‍ x Replacement Wire For Bow, 1 x⁤ Cutting handle, 1 x Transformer Adapter, 1 x Blue Pen.