3-Sided Suede Shoe Brush Cleaning Tool


This Suede Shoe Brush leaves a beautiful velvet finish on suede materials
It has three sides for different cleaning purposes such as removing dust particles
The handle of this brush is ergonomic and has a hole on it for convenient storing
Brush Size (LxWxH): Approx. 15.5 x 4.5 x 2.8cm
Material: Plastic
Package Contents:

1 x Suede Shoe Brush

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Suede Shoe Brush 3-Sided Tool
3-Sided Suede Shoe Brush Cleaning Tool $15.86

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Introducing the Suede Shoe Brush 3-Sided Tool, designed to make the process of cleaning shoes, especially those made from suede, a breeze. Suede, a distinct type of fabric with a velvet-like surface, can’t be cleaned with conventional methods or equipment, since that could damage its texture and potentially push dirt further into the material. The delicate fabric particles on the surface of suede require careful treatment to maintain their integrity.

This versatile brush solves that problem, offering three different sides, each with a distinct function for cleaning suede shoes from all perspectives. The first silicone side is ideal for dust and particle removal from the surface. The second side, also silicone but thinner, effectively reaches the crevices and curves of the shoes. The third copper side, perfect for directing the fine hairs of the shoes in a unified direction, leaves your suede not only clean, but looking as good as new.

Additionally, this brush features an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and better control to precisely clean your shoes. The end of the handle boasts a hole which is handy for storage; it can be hung on a peg or nail for quick drying and space-saving storage. Finding your brush will be much easier the next time your suede shoes need a clean. Opt for the Suede Shoe Brush 3-Sided Tool to maintain the beautiful velvet look of your suede shoes.