Portable Collapsible Foot Basin – Spa Quality Footbath Bucket


This foot bath is easy to keep with its collapsible silicone design
It has 4 foot-roller massagers so you can massage your soles while you bathe your feet
This basin is temperature resistant so you can use warm or cold water if you wish
Material: PP+TPR
Size: 50 x 40 x 22cm
Package Content:

1 x Foot Basin Collapsible Footbath Bucket

Foot Basin Collapsible Footbath Bucket
Portable Collapsible Foot Basin - Spa Quality Footbath Bucket $45.50

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Foot Basin Collapsible Footbath ⁣Bucket

Taking care ⁢of our feet is as essential as taking care of ⁤any other part of ‌our body. Our feet‍ often feel ⁣tired and worn out at the end of the day due to the long distances we walk. However, we ‍mostly neglect to give them the ⁢proper care‍ they need.⁣ The foot basin⁣ can help you take care of your feet and provide a good bath and massage to rejuvenate them.

This particular basin has a unique design for footbaths,⁤ providing a⁤ soothing experience ⁤after⁤ a stressful day. Unlike ⁤typical basins, it features a collapsible design, making⁢ it convenient for storage. The silicone ⁣material ‌of the basin enables‌ it to fold⁤ into a flat, compact size, thus you ‍can⁣ easily find storage for it.

What sets this basin apart from ⁣others are the roller massagers located at the base of the basin.​ It features two massage rollers on ⁣each side, enabling you to thoroughly massage your soles while ‍enjoying‌ a calming foot bath.

Plus,⁢ the basin is​ temperature resistant, allowing you ‍to immerse your feet in warm or cold water according to your ⁤preference. This feature ensures that​ you can enjoy a safe, relaxing footbath at your ⁤desired temperature.