5G High-Gain 40 DBi Foldable Antenna – SMA, Outdoor Waterproof, Ideal for WLAN Router Boost


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High Gain 5G Antenna 40 DBi Foldable Glue Stick Antenna 5G SMA Outdoor Waterproof Amplifier WLAN Router Booster
5G High-Gain 40 DBi Foldable Antenna - SMA, Outdoor Waterproof, Ideal for WLAN Router Boost $14.99

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Introducing the High Gain 5G ‍Antenna, a paramount innovation for enhanced wireless connectivity. This product ‌exhibits a sophisticated design that focuses on improving 4G and 5G signal strength, guaranteeing steady internet access, particularly in⁢ areas​ with limited signal coverage. Outfitted ​with a waterproof feature, it⁣ is suitable for outdoor use and is adept at boosting the functionality of WLAN routers ​and amplifiers across ⁤various settings.


  • Product Name: 4G/5G Foldable Glue Stick Antenna
  • Gain: 40DBi, indicating a notable enhancement ‌in signal strength and quality.
  • Frequency Range: ⁣Broad spectrum from 600 to 6000 ‍MHZ, adaptable to both 4G and⁤ 5G networks.
  • Antenna Length: 20cm, compact size suitable for diverse installation arrangements.
  • Antenna Interface:⁢ Accommodates ‌an SMA connector (inner pin/outer pin), establishing compatibility with numerous devices.
  • Color Options:‌ Accessibility to black or white variants, offering adaptability to your setup‍ or aesthetic preference.
  • Material: Manufactured from⁢ robust ABS material, purposefully built to weather⁣ outdoor conditions.
  • Power Capacity: Supports up to 50W, appropriate for high-power ⁣operations.
  • Impedance: 50Ω, optimized for peak performance.
  • Polarization Method: Executes ​vertical polarization, augmenting signal reception and transmission.
  • Features: ‌Showcases superior signal sensitivity for a boost in connectivity and⁢ speed.

Product ⁣Highlights:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed specifically to enhance 4G/5G network signals,⁤ interlinked with WLAN routers⁤ and signal amplifiers.
  • Foldable Design: Exhibits a distinct ⁤glue stick ⁤configuration ensuring effortless ⁣adjustment and positioning, maximizing signal capture.
  • Waterproof Build: Fabricated to withstand outdoor installations, resilient against weather elements.
  • Easy​ Installation: Outfitted with an⁤ SMA connector enabling a ⁤simple setup process with your pre-existing devices.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x⁤ High Gain 5G Antenna

Opt for this credible solution for superior signal strength guaranteeing ​reliable, high-quality internet connectivity in home, office, ⁤or varied outdoor​ locations. Upgrade your connectivity with this potent and flexible 5G antenna.