Adjustable Dual Handle Diving Stabilizer with Aluminum Lamp Arm Holder


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PULUZ PU262 Adjustable Diving Dual Handheld Handle CNC Aluminum Lamp Magic Arm Holder Stabilizer
Adjustable Dual Handle Diving Stabilizer with Aluminum Lamp Arm Holder $58.99

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Product Description: ‍

This product features⁣ a dual handheld ‌grip with a unique, personalized design that breaks away from traditional forms. ​Created for versatility,‌ it‌ can function as ⁤an image stabilizing system or a ​diving ‍rig for⁤ your camera. ⁣

Manufactured​ specifically for GoPro’s waterproof shell, ‌its base material is made from sturdy aluminum⁤ alloy. ⁤This element is aluminum oxidation, ⁣produced through a CNC process, resulting in a lightweight aluminum alloy that‍ is easy to transport.

The‍ product exhibits a ⁤modular design with a plug-ball head, the latter of which has been enhanced‌ in the ⁤standard version. This optimizes⁤ weight reduction ⁣and supports heavier expansion due to its powerful dual-screw⁤ fix. Consequently, it can be paired seamlessly with an array of devices.

Equipped‌ with a diving holder offering three manually adjustable modes, the ​user is given a choice of​ handheld distances.‌ It boasts the ability ​to function as a handheld selfie stick or as a⁤ solid connection and‍ can​ concurrently be connected to a photo studio light.

Compatible⁤ with various camera types, including DJI ‌Osmo‍ Action, Gopro HERO models, ⁣Xiaoyi and Other Action Cameras, as well⁢ as DSLR Cameras. ‌

The product has ‍a weight of 0.52 ⁤kgs‌ / 1.15 lbs and⁢ measures 31.0 cm⁣ in length, 17.0 cm in width, ‌and 5.0 cm in height.

Please note: when unscrewing, move the ⁤screw to the ⁤threaded position to prevent ⁣damage caused⁣ by forceful disassembly.

Package includes: 1 x PULUZ PU262 Lamp Arm