Underwater Diving Tray Stabilizer by PULUZ, with Dual Clamp & Magic Arm


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PULUZ PU3041 100M Underwater Diving Tray Stabilizer with Dual Ball Clamp Floating Magic Arm for Video Light
Underwater Diving Tray Stabilizer by PULUZ, with Dual Clamp & Magic Arm $106.99

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Product Description:

This set ‍features the following accessories for underwater photography:

  1. Dual Ball Clamp: Made from durable, ⁣hard coat anodized ​aluminum, this standard clamp easily attaches two arms, base ‍adapters, and strobes together. The hard anodized aluminum wing nut ⁣allows for convenient, one-handed ⁣operation and is designed to resist wear and tear.‍ This clamp⁤ attaches ⁢two 1-inch diameter balls. Its thicker plates provide ⁣a superior balance of sturdiness ‌and flexibility. Furthermore, these plates are spring-loaded for hassle-free assembly and disassembly ​of your arm system.

  2. Tray ‌Holder: Crafted from high quality aluminum, this underwater tray serves as a solid support platform for your underwater housing. The tray is ideal for mounting underwater video or⁤ strobe ⁤lights by attaching arms to its 1-inch ball ⁤mounts. It comes equipped‌ with a standard ⁤1/4‍ inch⁣ screw, fitting the majority of underwater housings on the market. Regardless of manufacturer, this double camera tray ‌is versatile, light ⁢in weight, and is compatible with nearly all camera ‍and video ⁣light combinations. Additional adapters may be​ required.

  3. Floating Arm: This highly durable, lightweight arm ‌is made from⁢ premium carbon fiber and aluminum. The double ball design ⁤features ball ends that are press fitted then glued in, trapping air and ensuring that the arm stays afloat. ‍This ⁣makes the⁣ arm​ suitable for both macro and wide-angle photography, and ‍can be effectively‍ used in waters up to 100 meters deep.

The Package contains:

  • 1 x Tray Holder
  • 2 x Ball Clamp
  • 2 x Floating ‌Arm