Advanced Fingerprint Unlock Smart Bike Lock for Enhanced Security


This smart lock is the modern bicycle lock; It uses keyless unlock technology and you only need to scan your fingerprint to unlock it
It’s very durable and reliable; Can withstand 14 tons of hydraulic shears, no hacksaw, and electric drill can break it
No need to bring keys; It only takes half a second to recognize and match your fingerprint
Material: Steel / Charging Time: 1.5 – 2 H / Power Source: USB Cord
Package Content Variants:

1 x Short Smart Bike Lock ( 224.8 x 130 x 32.2mm)
1 x Long Smart Bike Lock ( 300 x 130 x 32.2mm)

Smart Bike Lock Fingerprint Unlock
Advanced Fingerprint Unlock Smart Bike Lock for Enhanced Security $80.54$83.60

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Smart Bike Lock with Fingerprint Unlock

The Smart Bike Lock is an advanced bicycle security solution built for durability and convenience. It uniquely combines robustness, weather-proofing, and modern design, with an innovative fingerprint unlock feature replacing the need for keys.

The lock’s resilient construction ensures that it holds up to the aggressive attempts of thieves. It is resistant to smashing, hammering, drilling, or sawing, safeguarding your bicycle effectively. In fact, this lock can withstand pressures up to 14 tons of hydraulic shears, rendering hacksaws and electric drills useless.

[outdoor image]

Matte black in color, the design of the Smart Bike Lock is sleek and stylish. The weatherproof construction is made of dustproof and waterproof materials, making it exceptionally suitable for outdoor use and all-weather conditions.

[lock image]

The Smart Bike Lock’s highlight feature is the incorporated fingerprint scanner, substituting traditional keys. In a split second – half actually – the device recognizes your fingerprint and promptly disengages the lock.

[fingerprint scan image]

Additionally, the two-way locking technology enhances the durability of the lock. The U-arc of the lock attaches on both sides to the base, making it doubly secure.

[two-way lock image]

With the hassle-free fingerprint unlock feature, the Smart Bike Lock aligns high security and ease-of-use astonishingly. Enjoy the peace of mind of effective bicycle security without remembering keys with the Smart Bike Lock.