Premium Bamboo Steamer Basket Set for Kitchen


This Bamboo Steamer Basket is made of natural material that yields authentic flavors
It allows steam to enter freely from its base to cook the food inside it evenly
Suitable for steaming different foods such as meat, vegetables, dumplings and more

Material: Bamboo / Weight: 250 g

Outer Diameter: 15cm
Package Contents:

1 x Bamboo Steamer Basket
1 x Lid

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Bamboo Steamer Basket Kitchen Set
Premium Bamboo Steamer Basket Set for Kitchen $33.02

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Product Description:

Presenting the ‍Bamboo Steamer ‍Basket Kitchen Set, a prime addition to⁤ your kitchenware. Designed for steaming foods like meat and vegetables, every set includes one steamer with a matching lid.

Steaming is⁢ a nutritious‍ method of food preparation, reducing the need for oil and diminishing the fat content in foods, especially meat.⁤ For vegetables, it’s ‌a healthier alternative‍ to sautéeing or​ seasoning with extra ingredients. It also makes an ideal side dish.

For fruitful results, it’s crucial to have a‍ quality steamer basket upon which to set your food during its cooking process to‍ ensure safety and high-quality results.

Reusable and stackable, this steamer basket has a suitable amount of holes in its base to allow steam to freely cook the⁢ food. The gaps are not too wide, preventing your food from falling through. You can conveniently pile multiple ‌baskets on top of one another to save space.

Our Bamboo Steamer Basket Kitchen ⁢Set, crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, stands out for its natural material. ⁣Non-toxic in nature, it ⁤is safe and preferable to metallic steamers. ⁢

Bamboo steamer baskets are traditionally used across Asia, believed to bring out the best flavors in foods like dumplings and spring rolls. Now, with‍ this basket, you ‍can steam oriental-inspired dishes to achieve an authentic taste.

Each set contains one steamer basket. Should you own more than‍ one, they can be ⁤stacked one atop the other to save space, ease storage, and cook larger batches. Quick, convenient, ‌and traditional steaming is just⁤ a click away.