Bicycle Saddle with Backrest


This Bicycle Saddle is soft and comfortable to sit on plus it is also breathable
It has a backrest to provide support to the spine and avoid longterm damage to it
The saddle is easy to install and has a leather-like material that is waterproof
Material: Iron, PU, Plastic Bottom, Foam Sponge

Seat Size: 25 x 22cm

Backrest Size: 20 x 12cm
Overall Size: 30 x 30cm

Package Contents:

1 x Bicycle Saddle with Backrest

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Bicycle Saddle with Backrest
Bicycle Saddle with Backrest $85.90

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Bicycle Saddle with Backrest
Riding bikes don’t have to uncomfortable anymore from now on with this Bicycle Saddle with Backrest! It is comfortable to sit on! Bikes are a convenient mode of transportation and they are eco-friendly too. The downside is that it can take a lot of effort to use since you will have to depend on your force alone to make it run. One of the main problems that bikers have is a sore back. Since you will be slouching the entire ride, you can expect your spine to take most of the physical damage. But from now on, this bicycle saddle can make things more comfortable for you.
Back Support
What makes it so unique is that it has back support. You can lean back on it to rest your spine whenever you need to. This is especially handy when you’re waiting in traffic or just slowly biking through a park. Another purpose of this bike saddle is that it provides a comfortable seat for you. It is soft but sturdy enough for you to be comfortable as you pedal on the bike. Also, it is of sponge material that is breathable. It is not too soft that you will sink on it as you sit. This way, you can still have a good posture.
 Leather-Like Cover
Lastly, the cover of this seat is a leather-like material. This means that it is waterproof so you can trust that it won’t get dirty easily. Since it doesn’t absorb liquid and moisture, you can clean it by simply wiping its surface with a cloth. Aside from all that, this seat is easy to install on any existing bike. It is ideal as a replacement for the entire bike saddle itself. The seat is textured too unlike others that only have a smooth surface. With that, it can provide more traction for anti-slip properties.