Bluetooth Pen Drive USB Transmitter


You install Bluetooth to devices that do not have one with by inserting this Bluetooth pen drive to it
It provides wireless transmission so you can use Bluetooth on computers and TVs that don’t have one
It has a long-range transmission wherein it can still transmit signal from a long distance
Material: ABS / Audio Port: USB + 3.5mm AUX
Bluetooth: V5.0 + EDR / Size: 47 x 21 x 11mm
Transmission Range: 10m
Package Contents:

1 x Bluetooth Pen Drive USB Transmitter
1x 3.5mm Aux Cable
1x User Manual

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Bluetooth Pen Drive USB Transmitter
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Bluetooth Pen Drive USB Transmitter
Technology has definitely made things a lot easier for us. Today, we can use a lot of different wireless gadgets. For example, wireless chargers, wireless mouse, and many more gadgets. The majority of these wireless gadgets are made possible through the use of Bluetooth technology. Consequently, this technology has become an essential part of the technology that we know today. With this, we can send files to connect devices without using any wires. That is why it can also be difficult to come across a gadget that does not have Bluetooth as it makes things easier for us. However, if you have this Bluetooth pen drive then you can use Bluetooth and pair it with other devices. For instance, this perfect to use for TVs without Bluetooth. Now with this, your Bluetooth-less TV can now have one. This time, you can then connect it to other devices.
Wireless Transmission
When transferring files to a computer that does not have Bluetooth, you will have to do it manually through a flash drive. It would be a lot faster and easier to transfer files if your computer has Bluetooth. And now it can have one if you insert this pen drive to it. This way, you can then connect your computer and transfer files from other devices through Bluetooth. You can also turn your regular TV into a Bluetooth TV as long as it has a USB port. Now, it is important to note that this drive does not have a battery. So, you have to plug it to an aux cord to use it
Wide Range
This device can transmit signals even at a far distance. To be specific, you can use this even when the other device is 10 meters far from the other device.