Bluetooth Sleep Headphone Eye Mask: Comfortable Wireless Music Eye Cover for Sleep and Relaxation


Sleep better if you have this sleep headphone on which is a Bluetooth eye mask that you can wear
Connect this to your phone through Bluetooth and play music with this or even answer calls
This has a soft and breathable material which makes it very comfortable to wear when you are sleeping
Power: 200mAh high-performance battery / Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Polyester
Charging Time: 2-2.5 hrs / Battery Capacity: 8 hrs playing time / Size: 4.9″ x 27.5″
Compatibility:  iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, Galaxy Note9 or any other Smartphones iPad Tablets
Package Contents:

1 x Sleep Headphone Bluetooth Eye Mask
1 x Manual

Sleep Headphone Bluetooth Eye Mask
Bluetooth Sleep Headphone Eye Mask: Comfortable Wireless Music Eye Cover for Sleep and Relaxation $37.63

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Product Description:

Introducing our Sleep Headphone Bluetooth Eye Mask, a revolutionary product designed to aid in a more restful sleep. Combating both light and noise disturbances, this advanced eye mask will help those who struggle with sleeping, ensuring they get the much-needed rest they need each day.

This isn’t your standard eye mask; it surpasses traditional options by offering the added convenience of headphone functionality. You can comfortably obscure your eyes while enjoying your favorite soothing tunes, all through one single device. This dual-use mask is ideal for trips, providing a means to easily attain a relaxed, refreshing sleep wherever you find yourself.

As an exceptional feature, the eye mask connects to your electronic devices, including your phone, through Bluetooth connectivity. Operate the mask with ease by simply switching it on, pairing with your device, and playing your choice of music. Your phone no longer needs to be near your ear during calls, you can conveniently take them while wearing the mask. Most significantly, this mask will provide a comfortable light-blocking feature, playing your selection of music simultaneously.

Guaranteeing a great fit, the Sleep Headphone Bluetooth Eye Mask is fabricated with soft, breathable materials ensuring it is comfortable to wear without feeling too hot or restrictive. Additionally, it boasts an impressive long-lasting battery life, designed for extended use.

Whether you’re sleeping on a long flight or needing a quick nap in the office, our Sleep Headphone Bluetooth Eye Mask will pave the way to a better quality sleep.