Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch


The Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch can fit almost all bra sizes; It can fit multiple bras per bag
Has a mesh design which allows water and wind to pass through for fast drying
Protect bras from deformation; Convenient and ideal for traveling
Material: Polyester
Size: about 31cm x 17cm
Package Contents:

1 x Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch

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Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch
Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch $9.01

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Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch
From now on, you don’t have to worry about deforming your underwear with this Bra Wash Bag Mesh Pouch! It can fit almost all bra sizes! One of the main problems that ladies face about their underwear is that bras easily get deformed. And depending on the brand, bras can be very expensive and it’s such a waste to see them lose their shape. One reason why bras deform is when you use the washer to wash them. The underwires can start to poke out and the foams because clumpy and hard. But with this bra wash bag, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.
Laundry Protector
The main purpose of this bag is that it helps maintain the shape of your bras even as you wash them in the washing machine. The good thing about it is that it has a bra shape so you don’t have to fold your bra when you put it inside the bag. Simply unzip the bag, place the bra inside it and close it. You can then wash it in the washing machine and dryer as you would with your other garments. One advantage is that it is of mesh material. This allows the water as well as the detergent to penetrate it easily for thorough cleaning.
Another advantage of its mesh material is that it is convenient for drying the bra. No need for you to take out the bra out of the bag anymore. Just hang the wash bag with the bra in it on your clothesline directly. It allows air to pass through freely so it can dry faster. Also, it is ideal for traveling because it will protect your bras from getting squashed under all your other clothes. Finally, it is lightweight and it can even fit multiple bras in one bag. It is lightweight and high-quality.