Compact Secure Knife Storage Tray – In-Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Knives


Enhance your kitchen’s organization with the Compact and Secure In-Drawer Knife Organizer. Boasting a unique double-layer design, this organizer ensures your knives are neatly stored within your drawer, eliminating countertop clutter. Made from premium PP plastic, it offers durability, rust resistance, and lightweight handling. Its capacity to hold up to 9 knives, fitting blades up to 3 inches in height and 9 inches in length, makes it adaptable to a variety of kitchen knife types.

Material: PP Plastic Dimensions: 39.7 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm Weight: 380g

In Drawer Knife Block Holder
Compact Secure Knife Storage Tray - In-Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Knives $9.54

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Upgrade your culinary experience with the Compact and Secure In-Drawer Knife Organizer. With its efficient design, this product offers built-in knife storage that not only frees up your kitchen countertops but also cultivates a tidier, clutter-free cooking environment. WIth this organizer’s simplistic structure that fits snugly inside your drawers, finding the right tool becomes more effortless, saving you precious time and reducing clutter.

Safety and Practicality Enhanced: This organizer presents a safer storage solution for knives – essential yet potentially hazardous kitchen tools, particularly in homes with children. With this product, knives are concealed inside drawers, away from the reach and attention of youngsters. To boost safety to its highest level, you can add a child lock to the drawer. The design of this organizer enables each knife blade to be neatly stored in separate slots, thus reducing the chances of accidental cuts. Made of durable, rust-proof plastic that weighs generously light, this durable organizer is built to last and is easy to maintain.

Efficiency-Boosting Innovative Design: This knife organizer comes with an ingenious construction that makes the most optimal use of drawer space. It adapts neatly into your kitchen drawers, providing sufficient storage for up to 9 knives. The organizer’s unique double-tier layout allows you to store both small and large knives resourcefully—small knives in the top layer and bigger blades utilizing the organizer’s full length. This layout not only makes inserting and pulling out knives simpler but the added non-slip base ensures the organizer remains secure within the drawer. Hence, adding functionality and safety to your kitchen experience with this indispensable tool organizer.

Contents: 1 x Compact and Secure In-Drawer Knife Organizer