Curve Cushion Couple Pillow – Comfortable Spooning Sleep Support


You can sleep better in all kinds of sleeping positions when you use this spooning pillow
Its curved design allows you to put your arm under it without straining it which is perfect for spooning
It has a soft and breathable material and flexible as well so you can use it however you like
Size: 35 x 30 x 13cm
Weight: 0-0.5 kg
Material: Memory Foam
Package Content:

1 x Spooning Pillow Couple Curve Cushion

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Spooning Pillow Couple Curve Cushion
Curve Cushion Couple Pillow - Comfortable Spooning Sleep Support $29.90

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Spooning⁢ Pillow Couple Curve Cushion

The Spooning ​Pillow Couple Curve Cushion is designed to optimise your ⁣sleep quality, even in challenging ⁣environments. Modern society often finds individuals struggling to ‌obtain adequate rest due to ever-increasing demands and responsibilities. This pillow provides a practical solution to those seeking sleep amidst busy schedules.

Whether you’re looking to catch a short nap during an office break or desiring more comfort ⁢at home, this pillow is designed to elevate your ​comfort levels. ​It also‌ makes a​ wonderful addition for ‍couples​ who enjoy cuddling during sleep.

The unique design feature of the pillow is its curve. ⁣This curvature allows for convenient arm insertion without bearing undue⁣ weight or ‌pressure. Traditional forms of sleep often involve resting one’s head on the arm,⁣ invariably ⁤leading to restricted blood circulation and discomfort over time due to the weight of the head. This spooning pillow resolves this issue, with its hollow portion ‍specially designed to accommodate ‍your arm in a ⁢comfortable and natural sleeping position.

In addition, the Spooning Pillow Couple Curve Cushion boasts‍ a cool ⁣and breathable material that ⁤guarantees both comfort and skin-friendly features. The soft texture coupled with the pillow’s breathability enhances your sleep, ensuring it is uninterrupted and‍ rejuvenating.