Rechargeable USB LED Bike Tail Light for Enhanced Safety & Visibility


It has an intelligent light sensor, it automatically turns off during the day and turns on when you ride your bike at night
Easy to install, no tools needed and it fits most road and mountain bikes
With IPX5 waterproof, you can still use it even if it’s raining heavily, its light is bright but not glaring
Material: Aluminum alloy and Plastic
Size: 36 x 29 x 26.5mm; Battery Capacity: 400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery; Net Weight: 31g (Saddle mount), 36g (Seat post mount); Brightness: 30lm; Connector: USB micro
Packing Contents:

1 x Bike Tail Light USB Rechargeable LED Light
1 x Saddle mount
1 x Seatpost mount
4 x Zip tie
1 x User Manual

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Bike Tail Light USB Rechargeable LED Light
Rechargeable USB LED Bike Tail Light for Enhanced Safety & Visibility $39.99

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Product Description: Bike Tail Light – USB Rechargeable LED

The practical and convenient Bike Tail Light is an absolute must-have for every cycling enthusiast. This USB rechargeable LED light can significantly enhance your safety on the road. When riding a bicycle, whether for leisure or health benefits, it’s essential to use appropriate safety gear. The Bike Tail Light is designed to improve your visibility and protection during cycling trips.

One of the unique features of this bike tail light is its intelligent light sensor. This sensor allows the light to automatically turn off in daylight and switch on during night rides. This energy-efficient design ensures your bicycle is well-lit when you need it to be.

This tail light is not just a simple light but also an intelligent riding partner. It comes equipped with a brake sensing light, adding an extra level of safety to your biking experience. It can be particularly beneficial when riding in traffic, helping to alert other road users to your presence and movements.

The Bike Tail Light has an IPx5 waterproof design, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. This feature guarantees its effectiveness even in rainy weather. The light emitted is bright for visibility but not glaring, which might otherwise distract or discomfort others on the road.

Installation is straightforward, with no special tools required. This user-friendly feature ensures you can quickly affix the light and get back on your ride.

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The Bike Tail Light is genuinely a valuable addition to your biking gear, offering you safety, convenience, and peace of mind during your rides.