Desk-Top Mobile Phone Stand – Ergonomic, Durable Stand for Optimal Viewing


An ergonomic, stand-alone mobile phone and tablet stand; You can charge your gadgets while in the holder
It has a rough non-slip silicone panel and base holders that securely holds your gadgets
It has a telescopic stand and adjustable head; sturdy and durable; does not wobble
Stand Height: Folded: 6.5 cm / Unfolded: 10.5 cm / Suitable for 4-9.7 ” devices
Material: ABS Shell, Alloy Sheet, Aluminum Alloy, Silicone
Package Content:

1 x Mobile Phone Stand for Desk

Mobile Phone Stand for Desk
Desk-Top Mobile Phone Stand - Ergonomic, Durable Stand for Optimal Viewing $34.32

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Product Description:

Mobile Phone Stand for Desk

Discover a new level of convenience with this mobile phone stand for desk, a versatile companion for your daily use. This ergonomic phone and tablet stand is designed to stand independently with a flat base, eliminating the need for clips or additional supports.

Can’t choose between positioning your device vertically or horizontally? This stand offers the flexibility to support your gadget in any orientation. Moreover, this stand is not exclusive to mobile phones. Tablets can also benefit from its reliable support.

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Compact enough to fit into your bag, this stand is effortlessly portable, ideal for professionals and students. Whether your work calls for reference ebooks or your relaxation choice involves binge-watching movies, this stand serves as an ideal accessory. Additionally, it is universal, meaning it blends well with all table designs and works effectively on flat surfaces.


Our mobile stand is renowned for its ergonomic design, boasting a foldable and telescopic stand. You’re in control, able to adjust the holder’s angle of inclination to your preference. Furthermore, this stand folds into a smaller size, facilitating easy storage in your bag. With no loose parts, it exhibits a high level of stability and durability, capable of providing uninterrupted support for your device for extended hours.

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Non-Slip Panel:

What sets our phone stand apart is its non-slip panel – a unique feature located on the surface of the holder. Composed of silicone material, this panel is smooth and ensures that there are no scratches or marks left on your device. Additionally, its base consists of shorter holders, designed to keep your screen completely unobstructed.

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Embrace a seamless digital experience with our mobile phone stand for desk – redefining comfort and convenience in gadget use.