Disposable Ice Cube Bags Container Set – Pack of 10


These bags are disposable ice trays that can hold 24 ice cubes per bag
They are easy to fill and they automatically lock once full; Plus, the bags are leakproof!
Make ice cubes for your outdoor trip and easily dispose of the tray once it’s empty
Material: Plastic
Size: 30 x 19 cm / Weight: 0.04 kg
Package Content:

10 x Ice Cube Bags (can hold 24 ice cubes per bag)

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Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container (10 pcs)
Disposable Ice Cube Bags Container Set - Pack of 10 $14.08

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Product Description:

Ice Cube Bags Disposable Container (10 pcs)

Ice cubes are an invaluable resource in the kitchen, offering diverse uses, predominantly in chilling beverages. For people who enjoy a refreshing, cold drink or a perfectly iced cocktail, having ice readily available is essential. However, keeping supplies of ice at hand can become challenging when you’re heading outdoors for activities like beach trips or picnics. This is where our ice cube bags come into play.

Designed as disposable ice trays, these bags feature compartments specifically made for holding water or any liquid of your choice. Each bag is perfect for creating 24 ice cubes at a time, meeting the quantity needed for any outdoor trip. What’s more, these bags aren’t only for making ice cubes – they can be creatively used to form cool popsicles or coffee cubes!

Using these ice cube bags is as easy as it gets. To start off, simply fill the bag using the top opening with clean, drinkable water or any other liquid you prefer. The liquid gradually fills up the bottom row of cubes, after which it rises to fill the remaining rows. The ingenious design of these bags allows for automatic sealing once they’re filled up, eliminating the chances of spillage. Whether you choose to pile them up in the freezer or arrange them side by side, these bags promise leakage-proof and airtight storage. The contained storage method also ensures hygiene, reducing the likelihood of dirt contaminating your ice cubes.

Designed for convenience, these ice cube bags allow you to easily pack a bunch of ice cubes for any outing, assuring spill-free transportation. Once you’ve utilized the ice cubes, you can simply discard the bag, underlining its practicality. Choose our ice cube bags for easy, hygienic, and convenient ice cube supply!