Dual-Tier Dish Rack Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage


This dish rack is spacious enough to hold your plates, saucers, bowls, spoons, forks, and tumblers
It has 2 tiers making it space-saving rack to place on your kitchen counter or sink
You can dry your dinnerware properly with the use of this dish rack
Material: iron
Dimensions: 43 x 24 x 38 cm (16.92 x 9.44 x 14.96in)
Package content:

1 x 2 Tiers Dish Rack Organizer

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2 Tiers Dish Rack Organizer
Dual-Tier Dish Rack Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage $44.30

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Product Description:

Introducing a kitchen essential; our 2 Tiers Dish Rack Organizer. This ideal organizer is a great addition to any kitchen counter. Its usefulness goes beyond just being a rack, providing enough space in its two tiers for all your dinnerware to be arranged systematically.

You can easily use the dish rack for drying everything from plates, saucers, and bowls, to utensils, glasses, and cups. This is a critical feature as it helps to avoid the growth of molds that can accumulate due to moisture left on the surface of your dinnerware. The dry and clean state of the dinnerware allows for immediate use for your next meal. Consider drying your dinnerware thoroughly before storing it in your cabinet to maintain hygiene and use an absorbent towel or cloth to further ensure its dryness.

Our dish rack is a great space-saving solution. Having 2 tiers means you do not need larger sized racks to accommodate your dinnerware. You can utilize the upper layer of the rack to dry plates and saucers, while the bottom layer is apt for drying bowls and other utensils. For even more organization, there is a basket on one side for spoons and forks and slots on the other side designed specifically for drying cups, glasses and tumblers. This compartmentalization makes it easier to dry all your dinnerware post-washing.

The practicality of our dish rack extends to its additional features. Included in the design is a plastic tray at the bottom which collects draining water. This ensures that your counter remains dry, clean and free of water stains or marks. The time and effort one would typically spend cleaning countertops and sinks will also be reduced significantly with this feature.

For added functionality, you can use this 2 Tiers Dish Rack Organizer as a great tool for keeping your plates and other eating utensils organized. This makes it an ideal solution to safely maintain your dinnerware inside your cabinet. When it comes to space-saving, convenient functionality, our dish rack is the optimal choice.