Smart Digital Room Thermometer with Advanced Sensor Technology


Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity changes inside your home
Low energy consumption and it comes with a wall sticker so you can attach it to your wall
You can easily connect to the APP and connect to other devices via Bluetooth gateway devices in your homes, such as humidifiers, air conditioners and many more
Material: Plastic; Rated power: 0.18mW; Temperature range: -9.9 – 60°C; Humidity range: 0 – 99.9%; Weight: 43g
Screen size: 1.78″; Powered by: 1 x AAA battery (Not Included); Product size: 6.08 x 6.08 x 2.25cm
Package Includes:

1 x Digital Room Thermometer Smart Sensor
1 x Wall sticker

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Digital Room Thermometer Smart Sensor
Smart Digital Room Thermometer with Advanced Sensor Technology $33.50

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Digital Room Thermometer with Smart Sensor

This digital room thermometer equipped with a smart sensor is an essential tool for your home maintenance, useful for real-time tracking of temperature and humidity variations. It allows you to establish whether your environment is cold, warm, dry, or moist. Maintaining an awareness of the temperature and humidity settings in our rooms enables us to determine their healthiness and comfort levels. This tool is ideally suited for use in numerous areas such as your home, office, living, or kitchen spaces. It can also be installed in your baby’s room, providing you with important information about the nursery’s temperature, which can significantly impact your child’s sleep. A well-regulated room temperature ensures the comfort of your baby at all times.

Enabling a Comfortable Habitat for Your Family

The convenience of this digital room thermometer makes it an excellent addition to your home. Utilizing this thermometer with a smart sensor helps foster a comfortable environment for your family. Its ability to seamlessly check humidity and temperature settings will be appreciated by all.

Connecting to External Devices through an App

This digital room thermometer includes a wall sticker for easy installation. Its additional feature allows you to connect it to other devices via an app. This connectivity operates via Bluetooth, enabling this smart sensor to interact with devices such as humidifiers and air-conditioners. Once the ambient temperature becomes too humid, your air conditioner is triggered to power up automatically. Conversely, if your indoor environment is overly dry, your humidifier is prompted to activate. The user-friendly interface requires only a simple input of the preset temperatures for these devices to function efficiently.