Elegant Tassel String Curtain Room Dividers


This tassel curtain is perfect to use in windows, doors, walls, and room dividers
It has several acrylic beads to add accent and more beauty to this curtain
Easy to install to give you convenience
Material: acrylic crystal beads
Dimensions: 100x 200 cm
Package content:

1 x Tassel Curtain String Dividers

Tassel Curtain String Dividers
Elegant Tassel String Curtain Room Dividers $32.30

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Tassel Curtain String Dividers

The versatile Tassel Curtain String Dividers double as chic and functional home furnishing. Ideal for segregating spaces within your home, such as between rooms or areas, they also serve as stylish coverings for windows and doors. Its straightforward installation process allows for creative home decorations in line with your unique aesthetic.

True to its name, the elegance of the Tassel Curtain lies in its simplicity. It features acrylic beaded accents on tassels for an added flair, offering an understated yet sophisticated look. Available in three versatile colors – white, black, and blue – you can choose a shade that will perfectly match your existing décor. For a larger or wider space, the colors can be combined to create a uniquely personalized style.

This Tassel Curtain String Divider offers a multitude of uses. Apart from being a beautiful window covering that could act as a dust and insect deterrent, it can also be installed across doorways as a pretty privacy screen. Furthermore, it breathes new life into walls by acting as a hanging décor. If your living room and dining room exist in the same space, use it as an exquisite room divider.

Reinventing your living space according to your personal taste has never been easier. With this Tassel Curtain String Divider, you have a multipurpose drapery that suits your various interior design needs.