Hanging Plant Pot for Fence – Decorative Outdoor Garden Planter


Hanging plants on your fence is made easy with this fence planter
The bottom part of the pot is divided and it forms a V-shape for better grip on the fence
Since the bottom portion is split in half, you can plant two different plants in it
Material: PP
Height: 25.5 cm / Mouth Diameter: 28cm / Base Diameter:  20.5 cm
Package Content:

1 x Fence Planter

Fence Planter Hanging Plant Pot
Hanging Plant Pot for Fence - Decorative Outdoor Garden Planter $29.90

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Fence Planter Hanging Plant Pot

Enhance⁣ your outdoor space with this well-designed ‍fence planter. ​Designed to hold‌ small plants, ⁢this hanging planter⁤ is split in the middle, enabling you to ‍hang it effortlessly over your fence railing ⁤while ​offering⁤ an innovative solution⁤ to showcase your favorite herbs or flowers. Be it​ sunflowers, roses, or⁤ tulips, this⁢ planter⁢ enables you to create a vibrant garden on your fence, and if used strategically, could lend an eco-friendly ‌touch to your ‍outdoor decor.

If you⁣ don’t have a fence, you can also utilize this​ planter on your balcony.


Admire the beauty of your rare flowers in a more visible and desirable spot when‌ you use our fence planter. The split design means it holds well on your fence,​ and the generous opening at ‌the ‍top ensures the plant grows normally ‌without hindrance.

Two Sides

The dual-section design of this planter allows you to grow two different varieties of plants ⁤simultaneously. Each ⁤section is​ separate, ​preventing the ​roots of the plants from intertwining, giving⁣ you the ⁢ability to showcase two different plants in a single unit. This feature not only enhances creativity but also makes optimal use ​of your ‍space.