ET3240 Benchtop Digital Multimeter – High Precision with Large Clear Screen


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ET3240 Original 22000 counts Benchtop Digital Multimeter with Large Clear Screen High Precision Desktop Multimeter
ET3240 Benchtop Digital Multimeter - High Precision with Large Clear Screen $179.99

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Behold the ET3240, a top-of-the-line dual digital benchtop true-RMS multimeter that’s as stylish as it’s dependable. It’s a favorite amongst those who value intelligent design and high performance in one set. Electricians, electronics hobbyists, engineers, and education institutions rely on this impressive device for its superiority and precision.

So, what makes ET3240 stand out? First, this impressive multimeter sports 4½ digits, 22000 counts, combining excellent accuracy with a high measurement rate. Switch between FAST (7 times/sec), MID (5 times/sec), and SLOW (2 times/sec) rates to suit your needs.

Display dual parameters of the same input signal with the high resolution TFT LCD. A viewing treat, this 3.5-inch screen with a 320 * 480 pixel counts ensures clear readings and rich, colorful display creating great visuals. With the energy-efficient design, this multimeter is electrically powered and offers full-function, full-range overload protection.

It also comes with 12 basic measurement functions, including AC and DC voltage and currents, two-wire / four-wire resistance, period and frequency testing, diode, continuity test, capacitance, and duty cycle. The DCV basic accuracy is 0.05%, and it provides a host of mathematical functions: MX+B/MAX/MIN/dB/dBm/Rel/Comp Hi/Comp Low/ Statistics.

Additional features include square wave output (optional), keys lock, open calibration function, communication interface through USB Device and SCPI support. System settings also let users customize the language (Chinese / English), buzzer, screen brightness, and interface display style.

This multimeter isn’t just about those features, though. It’s built for the real world, with thermocouple and RTD temperature options and a communication interface via USB. The package includes an ET3240 Multimeter, table pen, double-headed three-core power cord, backup power fuse, English user manual, and an EU Plug (plus an adapter suitable for your country).

Technical specifications:

  • ET3240 Display digits: 22000(4½)
  • Maximum measurement speed: 7 times / sec
  • DC voltage range: 10uV~1000V
  • DC current range: 10nA~10A
  • AC voltage range: 10uV~750V
  • AC current range: 10nA~10A
  • Highest resolution: 10uV and 10nA respectively
  • Resistance range: 10mΩ~200MΩ
  • Capacitance range: 1pF~10mF
  • Frequency range: 1Hz~20MHz
  • Period range: 50ns~500ms
  • Highest resolution: 10mΩ,1pF, 0.001Hz, and 0.01ns respectively
  • Power supply voltage: 220V AC±10%, 110V AC ±10%, 45-65Hz.
  • Working environment: 0~40℃, relative humidity
  • Storage environment: -10~50℃, relative humidity
  • Dsiplay: 3.5-inch, 320 * 480 resolution, 16 M colour TFT LCD.
  • Dimensions: 265 mm 105 mm 305 mm.(width height depth).
  • Weight: 2.3kg.

Every inch of the ET3240, from its sleek design to its countless features, is intended to keep you in perfect sync with your electrical needs. So why wait? Make a smart choice. Make ET3240 your faithful companion today.

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